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Battling Everday's Problems (1)

Battling Every day’s problems (1)

By Abraham Israel

(i) Whether we like it or not, our enemies [the devil & his armies] will always try to intimidate us and will try to take us captive and kill us by inducing fear in us and then will attack us (1 Samuel 17:1; Eph 6:12; John 10:10).

(ii) Our enemies will project themselves as champion fighters and their head as their chief champion [the devil]. Goliath was a type shadow of the devil, with whom we are fighting the spiritual warfare. Goliath was huge in size [Height- 10.7 feet; Weight -200 kg] (1 Samuel 17:4-7). Satan always boast’s of his power which he in fact has it in him (Luke 10:19; 1 John 4:4).

(iii) Our enemy will roar and speak negative things continuously and will tr
y to paralyze us with fear. The missiles that he uses against us are negative and discouraging thoughts. “….the devil walks about like a roaring lion…” (1 Peter 5:8). The devil continuously plans and executes these missiles. The devil always will play mind games and the mind is the battle field where we either win or lose the spiritual battle (1 Samuel 17:8-10).

In 1 Samuel 17:11, we see that Saul and all Israel heard these words. Then fear took hold over them and they were dismayed and greatly afraid. Never hear and accept the words of the enemy in to your heart (Eccl 7:21). If you do that, you are opening yourself to the spirit of fear, which when gets inside you, will start to intimidate and bully you (2 Timothy 1:7). Instead, first recognize the enemy’s tactics and “…take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.” (2 Cor 10:5). To hear in the spiritual realm is to allow thoughts in to your heart. Never allow negative attitude to control you, by allowing negative thoughts. If you allow it, you will feel worried, disappointed and upset. You will become unwilling to do the warfare because you will be worried and discouraged. This may even cause the same attitude to spread to others infectiously (Deuteronomy 20:8). The catch phrase that the enemy will use to make you still more fearful till you get paralyzed is ‘What will happen if you lose the battle?’.

(v) The devil is a relentless enemy, so he will continuously try to attack you, especially if you are an over comer. Here we see a parallel with Jesus' wilderness experience. Jesus was tempted for forty days, yet He overcame Satan by the anointing of God that was upon Him. Here also Goliath presented himself forty days morning and evening before them, and finally David was the one who overcame Goliath by the anointing of God that was upon him. The anointing was stirred up when he used the name of the Lord against Goliath. We too should use the name of our Lord [i.e. ‘Jesus’] when waging warfare against our enemy Satan; this can only stir up the anointing of the Lord which is with in us and upon us. So David was a type shadow of Jesus Himself (1 Samuel 17:16).

(vi) When David heard the same words spoken by Goliath, he spoke by faith in God against him. His faith began to stir up because he knew the covenant of circumcision. So in order to become men and women of faith, we need to fully understand the covenant that God has initiated intact with us and then speak out by faith depending on the faithfulness of God.

David was not confident on his own ability or his strength, but he spoke by faith saying,
“The Lord will give you in to our hands”. His confidence was on the ability of the Lord. He was so sure that God will give Goliath in to his hands that he immediately acted with faith by taking a stone and slunging it towards him. David won! (1 Sam 17:24-47). Hallelujah! You too will win the battle every time you will resist Satan and his cohorts's in the Name of the Lord and act out against it by speaking out and acting in faith against these evil forces. Praise the Lord!


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