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Battling Everyday's Problems (2)

Battling Every day’s problems (2)

By Abraham Israel

(i) When the problems in your life overwhelm you and make you fearful you can do three things,

  • Set yourself or position yourself to seek the Lord.

  • Proclaim a fast [i.e. fast and pray].
  • Ask help from the Lord. (2 Chronicles 20:3, 4).

(ii) In 2 Chronicles 20:5-11, the king Jehoshaphat asks the Lord by confessing His sovereignty and Majesty of Him by saying and asking Him, “Are you not God in heaven…”. Then he asks the Lord by confessing His sovereign control over nations and His power and His might by asking the Lord, “Do you not rule over all the kingdoms of the Nations…”.

  • From the above verse we can learn that, 'When problems come, do not focus yourself on the problems, instead, seek the Lord and acknowledge that your problems are with in the control of God Almighty and that He is able to solve it by His power and might.'

  • Learn to ask Him or confess to Him what He has already revealed about Himself and His majesty.

(iii) “Are you not our God…” (2 Chronicles 20:7). Learn to ask God by personally and intimately relating to Him as ‘My God’, and even when you are in a group setting you can relate to Him as ‘Our God’ which is intimate and personal. Make sure you are asking Him referring to the covenant with which He remembers and intervenes (2Ki 13:23; 1 Chr 16:15; Ps 25:14; 105:8). Confess to Him His promises and tell it to Him by faith that He will hear and save as He has told in His Word.
God is always pleased or delighted when some one by faith confesses to Him, His word. It is a type of worshipping God by saying that He is faithful to fulfill His word. It is Honoring God by confessing His word back to Him.

(iv) After affirming that He is our personal God by His covenant and by His word and worshipping Him for who He is to us and what He can do for us, then we can ask Him or beseech Him saying, ”O God our God, will you not judge them? For we have no power against this great multitude that is coming against us; nor we know what to do, but our eyes are upon you.” (2 Chronicles 20:12).

a. Will you not act for us.

This is a desperate cry of a real person whose heart is totally dependant on the Lord. This is a cry of faith. This is also a confession of faith.

b. We have no power.

This is also the place where we will truly understand our powerlessness to solve our problems with out our God's Super Natural Intervention. In other words we are confessing to God, ‘If You don’t intervene, we will be no more.’ This is the place where Paul experienced God’s intervention again and again in His life, when he went through such trying circumstances. So only Paul finally attained a level of maturity where he confessed, “When I am weak then He is strong”. This is the place where God will work and powerfully intervene for us and through us, if only we will accept our weakness and wholly depend on Him for our very survival. This is the best place to be in, with God.

c. Nor do we know what to do.

This is the place where we have no battle plan. It is the place where we acknowledge our utter helplessness, inner confusion and chaos. Here not only we are accepting our powerlessness, but we are asking for His further guidance. In other words we are asking for His battle plan, we need to come in to His presence expecting His revelation and answer to our desperate need.

d. But our eyes are upon you.
Keep your eyes on Jesus alone and tell it to Him by your confession to Him. This is the ultimate place where you will get a definite answer. And you will know it in your spirit with a peace that passes all understanding (Phil 4:6, 7) [In other words you will not understand with your mind, why you are having such a peace when you are still holed up in your chaotic external unchanged situation]. He will be keep you in perfect peace because your total trust will be in the Lord in this place (Isaiah 26:3). This is the place where we stop crying and trying and God starts working. Hallelujah!

(v) After this, God will give you a definite plan and answer to proceed. Act in faith with out doubting, but praising Him for His answer and also for His mercy which He has shown. God will make sure that you will win the battle because it is now not yours, but His, because you have given it to Him. Hallelujah!


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