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Demonology and Deliverance

Demonology and Deliverance

By Abraham Israel

How Jesus expelled demons and suggest some practical methods of deliverance?

Mainly Jesus expelled demons through three major ways,

(i) Through direct command (Mark 1:25).

(ii) By pronouncing and speaking out by the word of faith which has absolute authority (Mark 7:29-30).

(iii) By conceding to the request of demons as in the case of demoniac in Gadarenes (Mark 5:1-2, 6-13).

Jesus never had any fear or inhibition about Satan and his demonic kingdom of darkness. He had absolute authority over all the spirits on earth as the Son of man. Jesus exercised His authority as any other man on earth and He demonstrated the power we have as believers in Him, over all the things in three realms in heaven [powers and principalities], on earth [over all the earthly powers] and things under the earth [death & Hades]. Jesus sent His disciples to cure diseases and drive out demons by giving them power and authority over them (Luke 9:1;Matt 10:1). They also successfully exercised absolute authority over the evil spirits, and they cast them out and preached to the people the good news of the kingdom. They healed the sick people who were oppressed by the devil. In fact they were surprised and amazed to see that all spirits were subject to them when they used the name of Jesus (Luke 10:17). This same authority Jesus has given to all the believers and said that they will drive demons in His name if only they will believe (Mark 16:17). It is up to the believer to step out believing what Jesus has told them and expel a demon when they manifest through a person by oppressing them.

There are some practical keys which will be very useful when practicing deliverance,

(i) Use the mighty name of Jesus under the anointing of the Holy Ghost (Mark 16:17).

(ii) Drive out demons using the name of Jesus believing that they are subject under your authority because of who you are in Christ (Mark 16:17;2 Cor 5:21;James 2:19).

(iii) Use oil anointing them in the name of the Lord and pronounce it as the blood of Jesus (James 5:14;Mark 6:13).

(iv) Avail angelic ministry in delivering people by praying to God for it (Matt 26:53; 2Kings 6:16-18; Ps 50:15; 34:7).

(v) Use the word of God when demons speak out and do not get in to conversation with it unless it is for knowing the identity of the demons for the purpose of deliverance (Mark 5:6-13).

(vi) Ask God for information about demons and He will reveal to you by the gift of the discerning of spirits (1 Cor 12:10).

(vii) Be always covered under the blood of Christ by confessing your known sins and keep your heart pure so that you will be bold in expelling demons. Satan cannot attack a person who pleads himself under the blood. Cover all your family members also under the blood.

(viii) Sing songs magnifying the work that Jesus has finished on the cross for the redemption [freeing from the power of evil] of humankind through His shed blood, by which we all have absolute freedom and authority over Satan, sin and his kingdom of demons (Eph 5:18-20; Col 3:16).

(ix) Always be filled with the Holy Spirit when you drive out demons, so that the work will be finished easily (Matt 12:27-28).

(x) Always trust in the Lord and not on your own works or efforts while driving out demons and whatever work God does through you; always give all the glory back to God.

Ten major keys to staying free

(i) Be born-again (John 3:3;Luke 10:20).

(ii) Be filled with the Spirit of God (Matt 12:43-45,28; Eph 5:15-18).

(iii) Have fellowship with other believers (Heb 10:24-25).

(iv) Be subject to spiritual authority of a pastor preferably and be accountable to him (1Pet 5:5).

(v) Confess all your sin to God and be covered under the blood of Jesus (1 John 1:9,7).

(vi) Meditate on the word of God and be fully equipped with it (Joshua 1:8;Ps 1:1-2; 119:97-100).

(vii) Detach yourself from all your old sinful ways, abominable ways and forsake it completely. Resist the devil continuously by submitting to God and the devil will flee from you defeated and terrified (2 Cor 6:16-18-7:1; James 4:7).

(viii) Be led by the Spirit of God and walk in the Spirit of God always (Rom 8:14;Gal 5:16,25).

(ix) Produce the fruit of the Spirit by staying connected and focused on Jesus Christ (Galatians 5:22-23;John 15:5-6;Heb 12:2).

(x) Activate the gifts of the Spirit and flow in it by desiring after it. This will be used by God as a weapon to destroy all the works of the enemy (Heb 2:3-4;Acts 10:38;1 Cor 12:7,11,31;14:1).

Twelve possible demonic manifestations

(i) Vomiting.

(ii) Getting sick always for no reason, until it becomes a chronic illness.

(iii) Severe depression, suicidal thoughts and tendencies.

(iv) Convulsion and fits.

(v) Palpitation.

(vi) Hissing and moving from side to side like as a serpent.

(vii) Animalistic spirits will act like an animal and will make sound exactly like it.

(viii) Scorpion spirits will try to attack and harm people.

(ix) The eye balls [pupils] will suddenly disappear and will be afraid to see eye ball to eyeball when a man of God speaks to them.

(x) Will run away from a Godly man and the presence of God.

(xi) Will act as though they are very distracted when we speak directly to them about God and will try to sleep immediately if we try to talk with them further. Will nod their head as though they are listening, but will not be able to recollect what we have spoken to them just then.

(xii) Severe headaches and feeling of having a lump in one’s throat. Feeling a heavy burden in the throne of one’s head and falling to the ground.

Eight ways of entry for demons

(i) By having bitterness and unforgiveness against someone or the other (Matt 18:32-35;Heb 12:15).

(ii) By having unconfessed sin in one’s life and being unrepentant in spite of conviction in one’s heart against it (John 13:21,26-30;Matt 26:24-25).

(iii) Through any sexual or physical relationship in a person’s life outside of marriage.

(iv) When a person is involved in the sexual perversion of incest inside a family [Ex: father having sex with his daughter].

(v) Through having articles of occult demonic practices in one’s house or having things related to it in one’s house knowingly or unknowingly. This includes sexual perversion when pornographic articles and pictures related to it are accessed through television and internet regularly, till they are kept and practiced.

(vi) When a weak person or unbeliever goes to places of severe demonic stronghold, where it is worshipped or where people do not resist such demonic activity.

(vii) There is a sure possibility of people getting possessed by demons, when they partake in the feast or sacrifice of worship for demons.

(viii) By not resisting thoughts of perversion, jealousy, fear and wrath…., but dwelling in it for a long time and trying to fulfill it without hating such bad things knowingly. This is one of the common ways of demonic entry in to one’s life.

Would a baby be safe when demons are being exorcised? Explain.

A baby will be absolutely safe when demons are being exorcised. Two reasons we can learn from the Bible is,

(i) Jesus brought a little child before people and told them, “The kingdom of God belongs to such as these [little children].” This shows that every little child is a part of God’s kingdom.

(ii) Jesus also told, “The angels of little children’s always see the face of the Father God to receive instruction from Him to protect, deliver and keep them safe and alive.” (Paraphrased- Matt 18:10). This also gives us a clear picture that each child has a angel assigned to them to protect them. We don’t have to worry of babies getting demonized when expelling demons because God protects them.

Are inhibitions indications of oppression? Explain.

Absolutely inhibitions are indication of oppression because “Perfect love casteth away fear; fear has no torment.”(1 John 4:18). It is a demonic bondage that makes people to fear and not believe in the word of God. Inhibition is a form of fear that says, ‘I don’t like to step out and see whether something works or not’. All form of fear comes from the evil one. The evil one comes and takes away the seed [which is the word of God that has been sown in to one’s heart] when our heart is conditioned to be like road-side [i.e. hardhearted and resistant to the word because of the direct influence of the devil] (Matt 13:18-19).When the word of God is not the basis of one’s life, all the inhibitions of the world system will come in to one’s life because of one’s superstitious belief system, which will in turn begin to control one’s life. Hence this is absolutely an indication of satanic oppression.

When a member of your household is in rage, should we come against the spirit influence immediately and rebuke it or later?

Always it is wise to use the wisdom of God according to each and every particular situation individually. In a general sense, it is better and always good to come against the evil spirit of rage later and not at the moment. If we come against the evil spirit at that time itself immediately, the member of our family may think that we are telling that their character is not good or may take it personally. So after some time, it is better to tell them that they are good person only, but he/she has allowed a spirit of rage to cause him/her to become extremely angry and out of control. Then rebuke that spirit with a prayer of faith and cast it out. Then tell him/her to resist that devilish spirit the next time it tries to influence him/her. This is always a safe and a wise thing to do. We should always use God’s wisdom in driving out demons or else the demons will use that opportunity to attack us in order to weaken our faith in God.


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