Sunday, July 27, 2008

Demons on Prowl !

Demons on Prowl

By Abraham Israel

8 Common Ways of Entries for Demons

(i) Demons may enter a nominal Christian when they knowingly partake a heathen celebration and eat food that has been offered to idols.

(ii) Demons may enter a nominal Christian if they visit temples with their friends to partake knowingly in the rituals or trees below which the heathens worship regularly.

(iii) Demons will create fear and will try to posses a person when they newly come to a haunted house to occupy it as tenants.

(iv) Demons will try to posses a person when he opens his or her life to sexual perversion.

(v) When a person is involved in any kind of occultic practice, it is an entry point for demons to posses them.

(vi) Demons will posses a person who is doing commercialization of sexual parties, orgies, etc… [Promoters].

(vii) A demon has an open door entry through wrong doctrines and beliefs.

(viii) A family which worships a family deity has already given an open door entry for demonic destruction.

(ix) A demon will enter a person when he does not resist oppression and is fearful of it.

8 Things caused by Demons [Symptoms]

1) Blindness

2) Deafness and dumbness

3) Convulsions

4) Infirmity and lunacy

5) Violence

6) Outburst of anger, sudden depression.

7) Vomiting and foaming

8) Bodily weakness and severe body pain with out any medical condition.

Witchcraft [75% spiritual, 25% human craftness]

A witch is some one who worships a demon spirit and will do what pleases it until the demons start doing things which the witch demands. The witches will use the demons to cause pain, confusion, destruction and all evil things in others life. The witch will get money to do these things from those people who want to see it happen. A normal witch will have anywhere between 5 to 20 demons in her control.


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