Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dynamic Person of Faith!

You can be a Dynamic Person of Faith!

By Abraham Israel

Dynamic means full of energy and new ideas and determined to succeed.

A person of faith will always be a dynamic person. There will be three vital things that will be unique to them,

(i) Full of Energy (Phil 4:11).
(ii) New ideas will be implemented constantly [i.e. God’s blue print] (Acts 19:21).
(iii) Determined to succeed [Aim-Rom 15:20].

Statement of Faith

I believe God is going to raise this generation as he did the Joshua generation in the past! Joshua is one of the greatest example for a dynamic person of faith and the Joshua generation, the dynamic people of faith!

Factors that influence a dynamic person of faith

1) The greatest asset for a man of faith is that God’s word will come to him like a rain (Isaiah 55:10, 11).

2) What pleases God is not what you do for God, but with what faith you do it (Heb 11:6).

3) Hearing God [i.e. receiving a rhema word] is developed by the word of God [logos] (Joshua 1:8-9; Ps 119:15-16; Acts 6:4).

4) A man and a woman of faith will focus on what rhema word he hears from God every day (Rom 10:17; Matt 4:4). This will increase his capacity to hear from God.

5) A man who hears from God daily and obeys it will be that dynamic person of faith. “…For so He gives [rhema-revelations] to His beloved [even in his] sleep” (Ps 127:2).

6) A dynamic person of faith will be eager to tell his problems to God and will wait to receive the rhema [quickened or spoken] word from the Lord consistently (Ps 121:1-2; 130:5-6).

7) A dynamic person of faith will consistently work with God based on what rhema word he receives at the present time or what God has previously spoken about him or his situation (2 Sam 5:19, 23-25; John 5:17, 19-20; 8:26).

8) God will always be with the dynamic person of faith because he will always do what pleases God. God is not pleased with what you do for Him, but what you do through Him (John 8:29; Phil 4:13; Ps 18:29, 34).

9) A dynamic person of faith will always believe that, every word that he hears from God has the potential to accomplish, prosper and fulfill the purpose for which it was sent (Isa 55:11; Mark 9:23; Luke 1:38).

10) A dynamic person of faith will live by every word that proceeds [i.e. present tense rhema word that God is still speaking] out of the mouth of God every day [bread is for every day] (Matt 4:4).


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