Saturday, July 26, 2008

First Thing First!

First Thing First
By Abraham Israel

Theme: The importance of the word of God (Ps 138:2).

The Word is God

The word of God is eternal. You can stake your life on it. God spoke in the book of Genesis, in the N.T, the same word who is God that spoke in the Book of Genesis became flesh (Ps 119:89; Gen 1:3; John 1:1).

  • [Logos is the Eternal Word which is already written as 'The Book' which is the Bible and settled in heaven forever (Ps 119:89) ; Rhema is the spoken Word in the present now-realm of time (Matt 4:4)].
  • The word of God has the creative power to bring things in to existence. When God speaks, it is already done. God created this world through His spoken word (Gen 1:1,3; 17:5,6).
  • The word of God which is implanted in you will save your souls. The word has got the ability, firepower, energy, strength and the potential to save and deliver you from all filthiness and abundance of wickedness when you nurture the word in you (James 1:21; 1 Peter 1:23). The word of the Lord is preached by the gospel (1 Peter 1:25).

    The word for 'Gospel' in Greek language is 'Euagellion' which simply means 'Good News'.

  • The word of God has got seed potential. It is actually a seed, which Jesus himself conformed (Luke 8:11).
    Ex: Seed from pharaoh’s tomb which germinated after 3500 years.

  • Seven important applications of the word of God in our daily life

    1) The word of God should be meditated [pondering by talking to ourselves] upon (Ps 1:2,3; Josh 1:8,9). The result of it is good success and prosperity in life (Gen 24:63).

    2) The word of God should be used as a lamp [daily guidance] and a light [long term vision (LTV- Experiencing God’s word more and more)] in our lives journey (Ps 119:105).

    3) The word of God should be our strength in our affliction. It will sustain us (Ps 119:92). Affliction should move us towards experiencing the power of His word and it should not move us away from His Word (Ps 119:67,71).

    4) The word of God makes us wiser than our enemies, gives more understanding than our teachers when we keep it by restraining our feet from every evil way (Ps 119:97-101). In the Jewish culture, wisdom is walking in the fear of the Lord in their daily lives.

    5) When you get a personal word from the Lord, your hope upon its fulfillment should increase day by day by the power of the Holy Spirit (Ps 119:49-50; Rom 15:13). Hope sustains your faith.

    6) Your love for the word of God by keeping it in your heart, will be directly proportional to how much you love Jesus (John 14:15; Ps 119:103; Acts 13:22).

    7) The word of God reveals the character of God and will keep us from sinning against God (Ps 119:9, 11, 130). “The entrance of Your word gives light …”.

    Ask God to give you a love for His word, ask Him to open your eyes to see and hear Him and His voice through His word.


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