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Importance of Prayer

Importance of Prayer

By Abraham Israel

It is great to know that God has a secret will and a revealed will. The secret will belongs to the Lord our God. But those things that are revealed belong to us and our children forever (Duet 29:29). The whole Logos (Ps 119:89) is the revealed will of God. The word of God says that only when we seek the Lord and as a result of it, if the Lord allows us to inquire of Him [to know the prophetic time line and the kairos (exact predetermined time) moment], then only God will increase men [provision – pro (supply for the) vision] like a flock [abundance] in order to fulfill His vision that he has given to us (Ezek 36:37). The blessing of God in our lives depends upon us responding to pray to God by what He has already revealed [By His words, dreams, visions, prophetic word, gifts or abilities and circumstances]. Infact, it is great to know that God is eagerly waiting for us to call Him (Jer 29:10-12), so that He can bless us. He promises to show us the secret things that we do not know (Jer 33:3).

None of these things that God has promised in His word can be ours till we start praying with faith for its fulfillment in our life. The Word of God says “…if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us.” (1 John 5:14). This easily proves to us that if we do not ask anything according to His will, we will not receive anything. Here the most important thing that we see is the need for us to start asking or praying. This gives us the fact that the most essential thing for us to do in this planet earth to get blessed from the Lord as His children’s is to ask Him and keep on asking.

It is also God’s will for us to pray for something that we desire (Ps 37:4). When we ask God for something that we desire, it needs to be a genuine heart cry. We need to PUSH [P-persevere U-until, S-something, H-happens] ourselves in such circumstances, where we need to desire strongly for something to happen for the glory of God in our lives. To delight ourselves in the Lord is to believe what God has promised to do and keep pushing forward in prayer, already praising and giving glory for what He has done (Romans 4:18, 20; Mark 11:24; Matt 21:22; 1 Tim 2:1; Phil 4:4-7). Then comes a time when God says it is done. Then our prayer becomes a substance of faith (Mark 11:22-23; Matt 21:21; Romans 4:21). After all these persevering prayer, acting by faith in stepping out and speaking against the circumstances that are contrary to the faith that we have in us will bring in to the natural realm the thing that we have desired, because by then God will intervene to fulfill in the natural what we have believed in the Spiritual realm. Then all we can give to the Lord is our heart attitude of gratitude and thankfulness toward Him. This gives us the confidence that God is very concerned even about our desires and longings that we cherish and enjoy in our life and is ready to fulfill it, if only we will pray to Him.

This kind of prayer is possible only if we continually abide in His Word (John 15:4-8). Our prayer life is the out come of Christ’s life in us. If we are connected to Jesus, we will bear fruit. When we bear fruit, not only we get the desires of our heart, but by all these super natural things that happen in our life, we will bring glory to Our Father in heaven. We abide in Jesus by the abiding in presence of Jesus which is the Holy Spirit, for He is the one who makes the words of Jesus abide in us (John 15:26). Hence the presence of Jesus that comes through abiding in the words of Jesus is the source of all prevailing prayer. With out Him it is impossible, with Him all things are possible (Luke 1:37; Mark 10:27). Hallelujah!


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