Sunday, July 27, 2008

Nuggets of truth about prayer

The Nuggets of truth about Prayer

  • If you copy Jesus Christ in every way, you will have a 100% answer to all your prayers (John 14:12, 13).

  • Your life of prayer will make the faith of God to flow in to you.

  • Faith of God will come with the person of God when you make war against the enemy by your confession of what He has spoken about your situation (1 Tim 6:12).

  • When you are filled with God, all the prayer that you will ever make will be the prayer of faith (Luke 11: 1-13).

  • Prayer is more important than doing ministry for God.

  • Until you feel that prayer is a Joy to do, you haven’t learned to pray like Jesus.

  • Demonic powers can argue with God by saying, ‘why I should give up my rightful territory?’(Luke 18:1-8).

  • Hard school of delay will make you a determined, persistent tough warrior. He wants to make you a warrior. He will delay the result until you get specific. If you get specific, then God will work a miracle in your life.

  • When I pray in tongues I build a bigger house for God to dwell and He becomes bigger and bigger inside me. So that in my humanity God could sit inside me and meet the needs of humanity (Luke 11:1-13).

  • Our physical condition is an important thing in our spiritual warfare.

  • You need good physical condition, if you are going to change the world.

  • God will give grace and power, if you seriously want to change your lifestyle.

  • Getting our physical bodies in good condition is as spiritual as any other thing.

  • We ought to love the world redemptively as God also loved the world redemptively.

  • Kingdom employees should be better than other employees.

  • Once you become powerful on your own, then when you come together, there is collective power.

  • Satan controls the cities from the heavenlies. To take a city for God, you need to know the God’s specific plan for that city. You have to work with God and His angels.

  • Sexual purity, financial integrity and humility are the areas where Satan can strike a hole in your breast plate of righteousness and can strike you to the ground. Be alert always in these areas.

  • When you deal with the heavenlies through prayer, there will be a physical manifestation of it in this earth (Matt 18:18-20).

  • In the night time, when you are in your sub-conscious state, then the enemy will try to attack you. But the good news is, the Spirit of God waits for you to give permission to fill you even when you are asleep. In other words, pray to the Lord to watch over you by filling you with the Holy Spirit before you go to your sleep. What a gentle man He is! The Lord wills if you will. The Lord will always watch over you when you invite Him to do so! Praise the Lord!

  • The Holy Ghost intercedes through us as a standby, substitute in interceding for us and our circumstances, but the Lord Jesus Christ intercedes as our advocate representing us in heaven before the Father (Rom 8:26-27, 34; 1 John 1:9; 2:1; John 14:26).

  • The fragrance of the man who is obedient to God and who is walking in His ways can be easily determined by the amount of Joy that we can see in his life.


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