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The Tangible Anointing

The Tangibility of the Anointing

By Abraham Israel

Where does the Bible speak about the anointing? (1 John 2:20, 27).

Tangible means a Proof, results, advantages etc that are easy to see so that there is no doubt, able to be felt by touch, something that you can experience.

  • The anointing is not an ‘it' [i.e. impersonal thing].The anointing is Him. Whom? The person of the Holy Spirit.

  • Only a person with mind, will and emotion can teach someone, as the Bible says ‘the anointing teaches you’ (1 John 2:27).

  • The Holy Spirit has a mind (Rom 8:27).

  • The Holy Spirit has a will of His own (1 Cor 12:11).

  • The Holy Spirit has emotions like you and me (Eph 4:30).

As a believer what can we expect from the Holy Spirit and how can we relate to Him as a person?

We can expect to have intimacy with Him (2 Cor 13:14). Here the Greek word used for fellowship, communion and intimacy is Koinonia.

koinonia - "a having in common (koinos), partnership, fellowship".

  • The Holy Spirit helps in our weakness (Rom 8:26).

  • These are some of the weaknesses that we face in our every day life,

    (i) Lack of desire to pray.

    (ii) Lack of knowledge about what to pray for.
    Ex: Content of prayer.

    (iii) Lack of understanding about ‘How we ought to pray’. Ex: cries, groans, fervent (boiled out).

    • The Holy Spirit helps us, by praying for us and with us.

    • The Holy Spirit connects you to those people who are in need, so that you can minister to them (Acts 10:19-20). Here Peter clearly recognized the voice of the Holy Spirit because of his intimacy with the Holy Spirit (Acts 10:19).
    • The Holy Spirit comforts us, so only His very name is known as ‘the comforter’ (Acts 9:31; John 15:26-27).

    • The Holy Spirit will speak of [not just about] Jesus. He will speak of what Jesus is telling to you now (John 15:26).

    • Because you experience in reality [witness] the person of Jesus through the Holy Spirit, you will show or prove to others that Jesus lives (John 15:27).

    • The Holy Spirit will guide you into all truth [i.e. all of Jesus] (John 16:13; 14:6 –“I am the truth”).The more you experience Jesus and the more you know Him, the more you will be freed from your bondages.

    There are various ways in which the Holy Spirit relates to us,

    1) The Holy Spirit is in us – to guide us with His Wisdom (Gen 41:38-39; Deut 34:9; Dan 4:8, 9; John 14:17).

    2) The Holy Spirit is with us – to protect us from all harms and dangers (Ex 33:14; Josh 1:9; John 14:17; Heb 13:3).

    3) The Holy Spirit is upon us – to make us a witness for God by empowering us to do mighty deeds (Judges 6:34; 11:29, 32-33; 14:19; 15:14; Acts 1:8; 4:8; 13:9-12).

    Falling back and Falling Forward with one’s Face to the Ground

    1) When the presence of God [i.e. glory of God] comes in, everyone will fall back (Ex 40:35; 1 Kings 8:11; 2 Chr 7:2; John 18:6).

    2) When the Person of God [i.e. Jesus Christ] comes in to speak in person, everybody will fall forward to the front (Ezek 43:5).

    1) When we fall back, it shows that we are powerless before Him (Acts 9:3, 4; 22:9-14; 26:13, 14). If Paul and his accomplices had fallen with their face to the ground, they could not have seen the Bright Light of the glory of God (Acts 22:9-14). Paul saw a bright light that shone from heaven (Acts 9:3).

    2) When we fall with our face to the ground, it indicates an act of worship (Rev 1:17; Ezek 1:25-26, 28 - 2:1-3; Dan 10:7-21).


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