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Theological definition of God!

Theological Definition of God

By Abraham Israel

Berkhof: “God is one, absolute, unchangeable and infinite [never ending] in His knowledge and wisdom, His goodness, and love, His grace and mercy, His righteousness and holiness”.

This is a wonderful definition describing God because God is truly infinite in all His attributes. God says in His word, “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last.” (Rev 22:13). In the Greek language, the first alphabet is Alpha and the last alphabet is omega, just like in English language the first alphabet is A and the last alphabet is Z. The Greek people considered Alpha as the beginning infinity because there is no more any alphabet to describe anything or use in vocabulary before it, the alphabet Omega was considered the ending infinity because there are no more alphabets to describe anything or use in vocabulary after it. In other words anything that has to be described before alpha or after omega is incomprehensible and unfathomable to our human mind.

This is what God exactly is. He cannot be described with finite words and expressions. If a person says, why I cannot know God with my human mind? To that the answer is the human mind is limited. If we first want to prove God by our calculation and science, then first we need to crack out alpha and omega infinity. Then with equality we can sit in the same table with God to comprehend Him. This is what every man is logically trying to find out, which he cannot fully find because always the greater one [Creator] can choose to reveal himself or conceal himself by His own choice to the lesser one [Humankind]. So only if God places Himself and His attributes in us [now the Lord God is the Spirit who is in us (2 Cor 3:17;John 16:7;14:26)], whom we have lost in the Garden of Eden and if it [our spirit connection to God (1 Cor 6:17)] becomes active again, then as His children we can relate and know this God bit by bit as He reveals Himself. Only then we can start to understand God and His ways.

The Creator God who created us is not a tyrant, but a person full of Love toward us humans. So accordingly God decided that if He placed Himself in a human body, then his creation whom He loves can come to fathom God in that human person (Heb 10:5-7;John 1:1-3,14). Hence God decided to declare Himself to humankind in the eternity past. This is what God did in Jesus Christ (John 14:9-11). The God who created us placed Himself in a human body to be born as a baby and die as a man (Matt 1:23). But the greatest miracle was that He rose again after three days to live forever as a mediator for us in heaven (Rev 1:18;Heb 9:24). This person of God was born as a perfect man and increased in the fullness of God’s attributes such as wisdom, knowledge, goodness, grace, righteousness, love and holiness because of His perfect obedience to God the Father (Luke 2:40,46-52). The only man who was born after the first Adam to have no sin nature in him was Jesus Christ that is why the Bible calls Him uniquely the last Adam (1 Cor 15:45;Luke 3:38). The first Adam sinned and as a result had made the whole humankind to fall short of the glory of God [God connection of God through His Spirit] (Rom 3:23). But the last Adam had no sin in Him and He never ever sinned even once, such was His perfect obedience to God the Father (2 Cor 5:21). Even His enemies cannot accuse Him of any sin (John 8:46). He learned perfect obedience through suffering in the flesh (Heb 5:7-8;1 Peter 4:1-2). He lived as a perfect absolute example of who God is, so that we humans too can fathom God and follow Him to become a perfect child of God (Matt 19:21). To those who believed in Jesus Christ God decided to place His very seed [sperm of the Word] in those people to make them His very own adopted children (1 Peter 1:23;John 3:3;Rom 8:15-16). Praise the Lord!

After God achieved His ultimate on behalf of all the humans He loved, then He gave a open invitation to all humankind and promised that whoever will seek God will find God by the revelation of God in Jesus Christ as a child of God (Acts 17:27;John 1:12;Luke 11:9-13). In other words God has instructed to all humans, ‘If you want more information about me, seek me and you will find me.’

Unfortunately because of one man’s disobedience the whole of humankind lost this God-connection and His divine attributes to relate to God, when our forefather Adam fell in the Garden of Eden (Rom 5:12,19). But because of the love of God, God has restored this connection back by sending His only begotten Son to this planet earth in our likeness to die for us all and then live for us all forever (Rom 5:19;8:31-35;Heb 1:1-4;2:14-18). When man lost Godlikeness forever, God has no other way to restore it except by coming in the likeness of man to reveal His love towards them and to restore them back (Gen 1:26-31;Phil 2:5-11). Now through the Son of God Jesus Christ, we can relate to God and know Him intimately. Thank God for such a privilege!

Without the Son of God no one can find God or relate to that infinite God in any way as God Himself has said in His word (John 7:11;Matt 11:27;Luke 10:22;Gal 1:16). This infinite God says in His word, If you really want to know me, “Be ye Holy as I am Holy” (1 Peter 1:16;Lev 19:2;20:7-8). This Holiness is received as a gift of God through His Son Jesus Christ our Lord only (John 17:16-19;Rom 1:4-5;12:14-15). Hallelujah!


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