Saturday, July 26, 2008

Think Globally and Reach the Nations for Jesus!

Global Thinkers are Nations Reacher's!

By Abraham Israel

How many of you want to reach the nations for Jesus?

“Go, go, go and tell them [the world] that Jesus is alive, and you will reach all the nations [people groups]”- [Personal revelation while sleeping (Psalm 127:2)].

Naaman asked for two mules' burden of earth (2 Kings 5:17), under the superstitious notion that Jehovah, like the gods of the heathen, could be acceptably worshipped only on his own soil. This is a paganistic religious regional fear filled mindset. But our God is called “…the God of the whole earth.” in Isaiah 54:5. Our God is beyond any regional, national and even international boundaries. And He is the one who set the boundaries of the nations and divided the tribes of the earth because of man’s rebellion during the days after the flood when they decided not to obey the word of the Lord to fill the earth but instead chose to build a city, a tower and have a name for themselves (Acts 17:26; Genesis 1:28; 11:1-9). Here God did not cause confusion in their midst because they started to build a city and a tower. But He did cause confusion among them because they wanted to make a name for themselves leaving the God who owns them and created them for Himself out of the blueprint of their existence (Colossians 1:15-16). We as His children need to think like Him with a Global mindset with a heart filled with the love of God for every one irrespective of their national, regional, tribal boundary of every human being.

God’s mindset is not a local
[based on a nation, tribe, tongues and people] mindset but a global mind set. We also need to think like Him. This is the likeness of Christ (1 Cor 10:33-11:1). “Go in to all the world….” (Mark 16:15)

What does it mean to go in to all the world and preach [show, tell or proclaim] the Gospel?

a) Tell them [the world] by the way you live (Daniel 6:5, 10) .

b) Tell them

[the world] verbally (John 1:41-43)

c) Tell them

[the world] with power by the power of God (Acts 1:8)

d) Tell them

[the world] by the mighty deeds that God has done in your life and through your life (Daniel 6:22, 25)

e) Tell them

[the world] by you excelling in your profession (Daniel 1:19-21)

What must we do to live in this global mindset of Christlikeness?

a) You need to take a quality decision not to be influenced by the world

(Daniel 1:8) .

b) We need to pray for boldness to speak His word with the evidence of His power, by being filled with the Holy Spirit

(Acts 4:29-31)

c) As you start witnessing to others, great grace will be upon you. With great power you will speak the word of God

(Acts 4:33)

d) Always point to the Lord, as the strength and source of your achievement

(Jer 9:24; Acts 3:11-13, 16)

e) Work hard to finish the work that God has given to you. Labor much more through the grace of God (1 Cor 15:10).

[No pain, no gain].

Never have any boundary or limitation in your mind, think globally. He takes you through, as far as you think without boundary (Joshua 1:3; Genesis 13:14, 16; 15:5; 2 Kings 13:19; Psalm 78:41-42).


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