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A Question about Daniel and then the Flood of Noah's Days

Question 1. As we all know that Daniel and his three friends were recruited and lived under the same Babylonian empire of Nebuchadnezzar (Daniel 1:17-20; 2:17-19), why was Daniel not a part of the pack who defied the king's command to worship the golden statue (Daniel 3:8-18). When they were thrown in to the fire, what was Daniel doing who was also living as a ruler and the chief administrator over all the whole province of Babylon (Daniel 2:47-48)? Was it because of his position of ruler ship along with the king that he was excluded and thus was not compelled to worship the golden Idol? If this is true, the reason they were compelled to worship the gods and serve the golden image was because they were just administrators who were set over the affairs of the province of Babylon which is less powerful than the post that Daniel held as a ruler in the king's gate (Daniel 3:12; 2:49).

Question 2. The other question is why did God not judge the sea creatures when the whole earth was defiled because of the wickedness of man (Genesis 6:5, 17-20). Is it because Noah's ark was the first ship that was built upon the earth so that the seas were undefiled by the presence of man over it? And also in those days the sea and the land were separated perfectly during the creation of the earth. I mean God had the whole waters under the heaven gathered together in one place and then there was one dry land the earth. The first part He called as "the dry land Earth", the other part which was "the gathering together of waters He called Seas" (Gen 1:9-10). I believe that the people at Noah's time had no need to build a ship because they had one big chunk of dry land 'the Earth'. Does the fall at the garden of Eden and the resultant curse is only upon the dry land 'the Earth' and not on the sea and the creatures that live in it (Gen 3:17-19). If this is right, why did the word of God say, "...the whole creation groans and labors with birth pangs together [with man] until now." (Rom 8:22) which includes the Sea and its creatures. And also man was initially given dominion over the sea, after the time of creation (Gen 1:26). Then the curse upon man must have come upon the creatures of the sea too. Does this mean that the living creatures in the sea also died during the time of the great flood of Noah's days?

Thank you so very much.

Abraham Israel

Hi Israel...

Answer 1. There are only three possible ways Daniel could have avoided the confrontation. The first is that he bowed before the statue. The second is that he didn't bow but was not reported. Both of these are highly unlikely, given Daniel's character and the animosity of the other officials toward Daniel and his friends alike.

The third possibility is the one that one most scholars accept, and that is that he was away from the capitol city when the event occurred. This would explain his absence from the narrative, and also why the other administrators had the courage to accuse his friends.

If this third view is correct, then the fiery furnace event becomes a model of the Great Tribulation. Nebuchadnezzar represents the anti-Christ who erects a statue of himself and requires everyone to worship it on pain of death. Daniel's 3 friends are a type of the believing Jewish remnant who remain faithful and are preserved through the fire. And Daniel models the Church, missing through out the entire event.

Answer 2. The Bible does not address the issue of the fish in the sea. It may be as you say, that the sea was not defiled at the time and therefore not subject to the judgment. In Genesis 3:17 God only said, "Cursed is the ground because of you." If so it would have become defiled during the flood with the multitudes of dead bodies caused by the drowning people. This would explain why Romans 8:22 says that the whole creation groans to be delivered from bondage and why John wrote about the sea giving up the dead that are in it in preparation for the Great White Throne judgment (Rev 20:13)

Lord bless,


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