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Purpose in Life

Q: Praise the Lord! I came across your article on the “Apostolic” website, and at the end of it you stated if we have questions we could email you.

I too have been asking the Lord, what is my purpose? To date, no answer. I am backslidden and so disappointed with my life, my work, my home. There is no joy anywhere for me.

I am at this job where no one really likes me, I have sat there while they have talked about me, I am not even invited to the Christmas Party. How come I feel so isolated? Is this isolation really from GOD? I am an as needed employee. I have failed the test twice in seeking to become a permanent employee. I am 47 years old and in need of direction. HOW DO I FIND IT?

A: Praise the Lord! Thank you so very much for reading the articles. Yes I try my best to minister to the people of God. It is wonderful writing to you.

I know how to be in your shoes, cause once I used to feel continiously like what you are saying. Rejection, sorrow and a back slidden feeling used to haunt me. The sad thing was, I always used to think that due to sinfulness I am feeling like that. Now I know bad feeling comes from the devil and good feelings always comes from God.

Everthing flows from a quality decision. Never forget no matter what circumstances you may be going through, you can choose to trust in the Lord and rejoice always. God feelings will always follow after you do this. Even if you don't feel good, do this and worship the Lord daily. Joy of heaven will be released in to your soul as you keep doing these basics. When you feel weak and tired, reject those feelings and say it out loud, "The Joy of the Lord is my strength".

Some times when you are searching for a purpose, God may allow you to be isolated so that you may soon learn to trust in Him at all times (Ps 62:8). Do not ever weigh your worth based on what other people think and say about you. For example some one says to your child that she is an idiot. She comes and tells you, 'Mummy this fellow said to me I am an idiot'. What will you say to your child. Normally you will say the child to reject such worthless words and will make her understand that she is your lovely daughter whom you love infinitely. Am i right? That is the same thing that God is saying to you now, He loves you infinitely. Let your worth be based on, 'Who you are as a child of the Heavenly King'. Keep saying to yourself and encourage your soul always by saying, 'I am the loving daughter of my Heavenly Father who owns this universe'.

All the jobs and promotion that you get are just a means, even if you didn't get through and perform well, that doesn't mean that you are rejected by God and has lost the favour of God over your lives. He loves when you fail, equally as much as He loves you when you perform your best. Learn to get in to the presence of God daily which will give you favor in all other areas of your life. A happy and joyful life is not based on the circumstances we go through[whether good or bad], but is based on our God whom we believe is working continuously all things for our good (Rom 8:28; Ps 121:4-5). This is the best possible life of confidence and joy that we can live on this planet earth (Prov 3:26; 1 Peter 1:8; John 10:10).

God is training you to just depend on Him, so that your life may not be driven based on worthless events. When you don't like yourself, it is most likely others will not like you. So only the word of God says, "Love ...[others] as yourself" (Matt 22:39; Mark 12:31; Rom 13:9). In other words when you love yourself based on how God sees you [i.e. as His unique dear and beloved child (Rom 8:16; 1 John 3:1)], you will then be really able to love others. Ask God to teach you, 'How to love yourself first?'. He will pour out His love through the Holy Spirit and then will make you love others (Rom 5:5).

Get intimate with God. Say to Him, 'I surrender my all and give all that I am body, soul and spirit to you my Lord, thank you that you will take care of me and guide me all the days of my life! Amen!' Step by step one day at a time the Lord will lead you from now on.


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