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What rapture, do you mean the resurrection of the dead ?

Abraham Israel: Rapture is the most biblically supported scriptural truth. I say it because the Bible is full of it. There are many who deny it unscripturally. You may not accept it, but you cannot deny it.

Q: Hi Abraham, the 'rapture' you mentioned as biblical, do you mean the resurrection of the dead ? If you mean the resurrection of the dead and the transformation of the flesh into immortality, then it is biblical. If it is the word 'rapture' then you need to explain because this word is not used in scriptures. We need to use more biblical words rather than words which were coined by men.

A: Have you seen the word Trinity in the Bible? But it is used to describe the most important doctrine of "one God, three in persons" which we believe in the New Testament. Why have it been coined? It was coined to keep people from being deceived by heresies and false doctrines. It was also used to easily identify the truth and transmit it to others.

In the same way, although the word "rapture" does not appear in the Bible, the concept appears numerous times The term 'rapture', comes from a Latin word 'rapio or rapere' which means 'to catch up, to snatch away, or to take out'. It is a Biblical word that comes right out of the Latin Vulgate translation of the Bible. The word is found in 1 Thessalonians 4:17. In the New American Standard Version, the English phrase, "caught up," is used. The same phrase is used in the King James and New International Versions. The Greek word used for the phrase “caught up” is ‘harpazo’ which means ‘1) to seize, carry off by force 2) to seize on, claim for one's self eagerly 3) to snatch out or away’1 Thes. 4:13-18 is the only place in the NT where a "rapture" is clearly referred to, but all other areas it is indeed implicitly referred.

When I say the word 'rapture', it means 'the coming of the Lord Jesus to resurrect the believers in their glorious supernatural eternal bodies and take them all to be with Him forever and ever, before the Great Tribulation comes upon the whole earth as an end time Judgmental wrath of God.' Then there are three views people believe about the rapture of the Church. One is pre-tribulation, second is post-tribulation and the other is mid-tribulation. Pre-tribbers believe that the whole Daniel 70th week will be a time of tribulation, before which the Church will be snatched away by the Lord. But there is no scriptural evidence for this belief. Post-tribulation also does not have full scriptural basis as the Bible says, "Jesus ...delivers us from the wrath to come." ( 1 Thess 1:10). Also check the other scripture that says Church will not go through the tribulation of the end time (Rev 3:10; Luke 21:34-36; Mark 13:18-20; Matt 24:20-22; Rom 5:9; 2 Thess 1:6-7). Then the only one left is what people call it as mid tribulation, this has a very strong scriptural support than all the other view.

In this the abomination of desolation will happen as told by Jesus and prophetically written by the Prophet Daniel exactly at the middle of the Daniel's 70th week (Daniel 9:27; Matt 24:15; Mark 13:14). Once it happens Jesus warned all the believers not to set their face towards Jerusalem but run away from it, those in Judea to run to the mountains (Matt 24:16-19; Mark 13:14-17). If we ask the question, why is Jesus exhorting all of the believers to run away from Jerusalem? The answer is,

1) The Rapture will take place at that time (Matt 24:16-22; Mark 13:18-20).

2) The Tribulation will start (Matt 24:16-22; Mark 13:18-20).

3) The deception of Antichrist will start, as he will be already seated in the temple proclaiming Himself to be God (2 Thess 2:1-4; Matt 24:23-28; Mark 13:21-24). This is the time Jesus exhorted the believers again and again to be watchful so that they will not be left behind in the tribulation, but be raptured and taken to heaven (Mark 13:32-37; Luke 17:22-37).

4) Once the deception starts the false prophet from Israel will conspire along with the Antichrist to seal all the people of the earth as a sign of allegiance of worship towards him (Rev 13:11-18). With out this mark either on their forehead or on their hand no one will be able to buy anything to survive in this planet, as the whole earth will be given by God in to his hands for 3 1/2 years (Rev 13:5, 7-8). He will war against the saints and prevail for this period of time (Rev 13:7-9; Dan 11:31-35).

5) The 'rapture' will take place as swift as a lightning starts and finishes from one side of heaven to the other in a fraction of seconds during this time of great deception on earth (Luke 17:24; Matt 24:27; 1 Thess 4:13-18; 5:1-11; 2 Thess 2:6-12). But in the second coming of Jesus after the tribulation, all the tribes of the earth will see Him (Matt 24:29-31; Mark 13:24-27).

The rapture is a doctrine of comfort for those who closely walk with Jesus and hope sincerely for His coming and it is a threatening message for those who do not walk with him (1 Thess 4:18; 5:11). Maranatha [O Lord Come!!!!!] (1 Cor 16:22). God Bless You!


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