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Is Binding Satan Biblically Right?

Can Christians Really Bind Satan or his Demons?

By Abraham Israel

Truly the message of the apostolic truth that we see as a silver lining right through the New Testament emphazises an active warfare words and lifestyle in the spiritual realm for every true believers (Eph 6:10-20). This warfare has to be done by every beliver who lives in this planet, knowingly or unknowingly, willingly or unwillingly and efficiently or inefficiently it has to done because the enemy of all believers is always at work against every one who is a true Christian (Eph 6:12; 2 Cor 10:3-6; Rev 12:13). The words bind, loose and cast out are all part of the weaponry that we use against Satan and his denomic minions to make them and their works ineffective just like Jesus did (1 John 3:8b; 4:17c).

Say a believer uses a translation of these words, 'I loosen your bondage devil in the name of Jesus, I bind your workings devil in the name of Jesus, I cast you out devil in the name of Jesus' in Hebrew language or Chinese Mandarin or Hindi, will it be effective against Satan and his demons? Does the devils know all the language of this world? First of all Satan and his demonic cohorts has been in operation since the day Adam sinned and gave his dominion to Satan (Rom 5:12), so he knows every language that has been in existence and even some of them that are no more. The confusion caused by God to man is the reason for many languages in this world, and these devils are the reason behind why man rebelled against God when they tried to build a tower of Babel to have a humanistic worship and fellowship apart from God (Genesis 11:1-10). Satan and his demonic cohorts speak lies and know all languages to speak it perfectly (John 8:44)

Whether the spoken word is effective against Satan and his demons depends on how much anointed the words are and the person who speaks is (Luke 4:18-19, 32-35; Acts 10:38). The devil always knows whether a word is anointed or not and he is only fearful of anointed persons or words spoken in God's authority (Acts 19:15). This is why Apostle Paul challenged the proud and gifted Corinthian church believers not to speak great theories with arguments, but to demonstrate God's power against the evil one through their exemplary lifestyle, which cannot be demonstrated unless God has really honoured a life of faith (1 Cor 4:18-20; 2 Tim 1:7; Acts 19:15).

Satan and his cohorts are deceivers and a tyrant. They will not allow the believer to continue inside God's kingdom-dominion peacefully (John 10:10). So binding is a part of resisting the devil's intrusion in to our lives, where we stop the activity of it by using the bind command in Jesus Name (1 Peter 5:5-6; James 5:6--8). It may be sickness, doubts, unbelief, spirit of poverty, depression or any other type of devils work that comes against us, but it is the same command that makes the works of all types of devils ineffectve and brings them to a standstill. When Jesus spoke about binding the strong man, he was actually speaking about the pack leader Satan who was bound when Jesus fasted and overcame him at time of the wilderness temptations itself (Matt 12:29; 4:1-10). When Jesus overcame all temptations, Satan's power over Jesus was completely bound and therefore he left Him until another opportune time (Matt 4:11; Luke 4:13). When Satan was bound, all his subordinates have to flee at the command of Jesus because their master have lost power over Jesus (Matt 12:28). We as believers have the same authority and power of Jesus, because our Master Lord has won over Satan and all his demons on the Cross completely on behalf of us and therefore we too can resist and make the activity of all devils and demons powerless by binding them in Jesus name (Eph 2:4-6; 3:10; Col 2:14-15).

Because God has still given us all free will to choose even after we have come in to His kingdom, Satan will try his best to influence our soulish will and will try His best to keep us from fulfilling His will for our lives. Jesus did not tell the believer to passively live inside the kingdom claiming God's protection, but he challenged the disciples to use the power that he has given against the devil (Luke 10:19). What does it mean to have authority unless the believers use it through words, Jesus did use his authority and power of command to loosen sicknesses, cast out demons and bind the works of the devil (Luke 13:10-12). Words are carriers of power and authority in the spirit-realm. Satan and his demons do not know a believers thoughts, but only understand when they speak through their mouth (Rom 10:10). Only God is omniscient enough to know your thoughts (Ps 139:2). Unless a believer speaks a word of faith in authority, Satan and his cohorts wont move an inch (Rom 10:8, 10).

Bind means 'to tie ones hands', Loosen means 'to untie somebody who is bound' and Cast Out means 'to throw someone out of a occupied place'. In other words we nullify or make demonic power inoperative when we decree in Jesus Name with simple command as like, 'I bind you, loosen you or cast you out'', God's power in us is higher in power and authority than what Satan and his demonic cohorts have (1 John 4:4). Once the demons see that we really mean what we say through our mouth, then they obey our command (Acts 19:15; 16:16-18; Mark 3:11-12; Mark 5:6-13). This was done by all the apostles, when they used Jesus name and bound demonic authorities time after time (Acts 16:18; 13:8-11; Acts 10:38). The normal procedure is to bind Satan [i.e. make his power void] and then give the command to cast it out (Mark 3:27, 22-23). The believer's are expected to do all these things by faith (Mark 16:17), our Lord Jesus cannot work unless the believers become apostolic enough to preach the gospel and expect God to act based on their word of faith (Mark 16:20).

We see in the last Book of the Holy apocalyptic Scripture in Revelation 20:1-3, Satan and all his most active demons who participated in the rebellion of the whole world against God along with the Antichrist and the false prophet will be bound and thrown by an angel in to the bottomless pit for a thousand years, in which Christ with all of us believers will rule the whole earth "with a rod of iron" (Rev 19:15b). Until then God wants the Church believers to resist Satan and his demonic minions by the wisdom and grace of God from above and crush him under our feet (Eph 3:10; James 3:17-18; Rom 16:20). So exercise the authority of Christ within, to bring the world system of governance [i.e. instigated by devils who promote godless thinking and unbelief] that acts exactly opposite in rebellion to the will of God (2 Tim 1:6-7; Matt 6:10). As the proverb say, “Faithless is he that says farewell [to God's authority] when the road darkens.” A faithless person cannot experiece the power of God unless he changes his way of thinking and begin to long for the anointing and ask Him sincerely (Matt 17:19-21; Luke 5:34-35; Luke 4:18-19; Is 10:27; 59:19). Nearly over 500 believers saw the risen Lord at one time (1 Cor 15:6), but all of them did not sincerely seek the power of God for their lives. But less than one fourth with a head count of only 120 were waiting on the day of pentecost, who also finally received it (Acts 1:14-15). So are you hungry for the powerof God to be displayed through your life and ministry? If you are, God will use you greatly in the coming days (Luke 6:21).

When Jesus spoke the word bind and loose to the apostles in Matt 18:18, he was speaking about His own power and authority given to the Church to exercise over demonic realm when it is confronted. But the other time and place Jesus has spoken the word 'bind' is when he was accused of driving demons out, healing the sick and bringing people in to salvation through Satan's power (Matt 12:22-30). This shows that believers may use the word 'bind', 'loosen' or 'cast out' when they spiritually deal with the devil just like Jesus did (1 John 4:17c; Matt 10:10). One thing is for sure, the power of Christ will be exercised powerfully just like Jesus said if we will only believe His word (Mark 16:15-18, 20). There is no use to debate on semantics when the reality happens or is demonstrated before our very eyes. I would like to remind one thing lastly, "The man with an argument is at the mercy of the man with an experience." A single anointed word in the mouth of a believer is more powerful than a thousand sword in his hand. So we as believers should learn to use, live and experience daily the power of Christ within us by exercising through our words and lifestyle of faith (2 Cor 12:9). Praise the Lord!


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