Thursday, September 2, 2010

Can a Christian have two wives at the same time?

Q: Dear sir I would like to ask that can a Christain have 2nd wife even while he has his first wife? Because in Gosples of Mathiew we read in the Great commands of Jesus Christ that if one leave his wife and marry with the other, he commits adultery. I want to know that if a Christian does not leave his first wife can he get the other as his 2nd wife and have 2 wife at the same time?

A: The verse that you refer to is Matt 19:9. The word 'leaves' means divorces. So whether a man physically leaves his wife or not, but breaks the covenant of one man and one woman in a marriage and lives with any other woman other than his present wife commits adultery. Actually it is the will of God to have only one wife for life. This is the reason God created for Adam only one Eve and not two or more. But when a person comes in to Christ from others religious persuasions already having more than one wife, he should support the wives monetarily and can continue with the same as he has no other choice but to support the existing family. In such case, God may look over the mistake that such people have made in their family life due to ignorance and the wrong belief that influenced their life before they came to Christ (1 Tim 1:13). But the Bible is clear that a man cannot live with two wives at a time because it is not in the original will of God to be like that. The Bible clearly says, "Nevertheless, to avoid lewdness, let every man have his own wife [Note: the singular wife and not plural wives], and let every woman have her own husband." (1 Cor 7:2, WBT). This preceding verse clearly proves that in a marriage only one man and one woman can be accommodated. There is wholeness only when we fulfill the will of God on earth by having a God ordained one man-one woman family, we should adhere to God's original will because He knows the best for every man and woman whom He has created. God's full blessings will only be upon those who fulfill the God ordained family setup of one man and one woman bonding for life.   


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