Friday, October 1, 2010

Is the Isaiah 19 Highway a literal one or not?

Q: Have you studied Isaiah 19? When will the Highway be built and is it a literal Highway? Shalom.

A: Southeast Turkey (ancient Assyria), is at the northern end of the Isaiah 19 Highway. Southern end is the nation of Egypt, the river Nile will dry up after the Lord strikes up Egypt with a curse for not attending the Feast of Tabernacles in Jerusalem (Zech 14:16-19).

After the curse on the nation of Egypt causes great famine, dryness, drought and severe plagues to come upon the land (Isa 19:5-10), the nation will become afraid and greatly fearful of power of the Messiah who rules the world from Jerusalem (Isa 19:11-17). This famine will cause the Nile of Egypt and all the main water bodies to go bone dry and thus the whole nation of Egypt will cry to Messiah Jesus because of the oppression that has come upon them as a result of rebelling against Him (Isa 19:20).

Egypt will become an example and a case study for all the nations that will rebel and not attend the mandatory 'Feast of Tabernacles' during the Millennium rule of King Jesus (Zech 14:19; Isa 19:20).

Because of Messiah's compassionate and merciful heart, He will make Himself be know to Egypt as their Saviour, a Mighty one who has delivered them from the imminent death and from that time they shall be called "His people" (Isa 19:20-24). As a sign of His pledge and a seal that they will be His people forever, He will open up a Highway through Jerusalem to Assyria which will again make Egypt both spiritually and financially wealthy through trading (Isa 19:23-25).   

The time this will happen may be a few decades to a couple of hundred years after the Millennium rule of Jesus Christ the King of the whole earth starts (Rev 19:15; 20:4). I say this because in the Judgment of nation all the unbelievers will be completely removed from the earth and only believers will be allowed to continue on earth under the Kingship of Jesus (Matt 25:31-46). So the people who will rebel in Egypt will be these believer's children who would have forgotten the goodness of Jesus and as a result of it will become rebellious and get cursed for it.

Every Scripture that says something, definitely speaks in a present tense to that generation to which it was prophesied and also to the future generations which would come. In the same way one meaning of the scripture is spoken regarding the spiritual realm and the other a physical one. So the "Highway from Egypt to Assyria" (Isa 19:23) is a literal one which will be fulfilled after the Millennium rule of Jesus Christ starts and the spiritual one is to the Church which is beginning to have a breakthrough of preaching the gospel in all the nations including Egypt to Assyria which has been Satan's bastion of Idolatry during times past (Matt 24:14). This prophecy was spoken through Isaiah the prophet to his generation and also to the future generation of ours as well as the Millenium humans on earth. 




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