Sunday, November 7, 2010

How do I deal with jealous people in my work place?

Q: I am not doing too well. Having problem at work. How do you deal with a person who is full of jealousy & not helpful?? How do you respond to such people?

A: To do well all the time, one should choose to "rejoice in the Lord always" (Phil 4:4). The original meaning of the word 'rejoice' is to 'release the joy that is within your spirit man in to your soul'. Most of the time we accept and the soulish emotions that the devil and his demons stir up based on our wrong thoughts that they inject in to us and through depressive circumstances through others to make us miserable in our life. But a real growing mature son or daugther of God will be able to progressively rejoice always more and more as days goes by, irrespective of the circumstance they face or they are in. Praying to God to help us come out of depressive thoughts and situations will make us renewed and revitalised to speak against demonic mountains of hindrances (Matt 21:21), and being thankful to God for all things opens our soul to God's Holy Spirit to give us the power to "rejoice always" (1 Thess 5:16-18; Rom 1:21).

All of us will have problems in the workplace and in the world as long as we live because Jesus told beforehand these things will be there (John 16:33). Jesus did not promise to take away all our problems. But because He has already overcome the world system of governance through His death on the cross which is led under the direct influence of Satan and his demonic minions (Col 2:15), Jesus has promised us that all the problems we face are under the control of Him and therefore he will give us His very own peace. But we should live as a overcomer by faith in the power of Jesus to solve all our problems in His time, just as He has promised us he will give us the great victory in His exact time but till then we should show it to others by letting ourselves in to ecstasy of Jesus and maintain ourselves to be in good cheerfulness inspite of the circumstances that might seem to be the same with no change.

When people are jealous about us and our gifts that God has given us, we should first understand that the one who is jealous of us is melting his/her own life of enjoyment and goodness in to that of death and meaninglessness because the Bible says, "...Jealousy [is] as cruel as the grave; Its flames are flames of fire, a most vehement flame." (Eccl 8:6). Once jealousy melts their inner peace, then it will affect their physical health slowly (Prov 14:30). Livy says, "As iron is eaten by rust, so are the envious consumed by envy". Envy is self destructive and rottens in to jealousy if it stays continuously against a particular person for a long time. Envy is the younger sister of jealousy. Jealous people will hate the thing or person whom they are jealous of and will try to act mean against them. Jealousy is the greatest of all evils, and the one which arouses the least pity in the person who causes it. So the greatest enemy of jealousy that causes great desperation in the one who is jealous is when the person against whom they are jealous is joyful in spite of their hate, tantrum and persecution. This is why Jesus always taught the saints to have positive attitude of blessing the enemies and praying for them in order to maintain the same positive attitude of our Heavenly Father in heaven, who is never bothered about jealous people because He know that the demon of jealousy will eat the person who is jealous until he or she turns and repents from it. Our focus must be on God and His victory rather than on the trouble and trouble makers (Matt 5:39-42, 44-48; 6:27-36). Like God always see the bigger picture and you will not be worried of jealous people. Who knows they might repent seeing you so prosperous and joyful around them or else they only go to a dead end exit. When you know this you can be merciful like your Father in heaven is merciful. Only on the mango tree that has much fruit in it, many will throw stones at it. So the next time you face such problems, just encourage yourself by saying to God, 'Thank God I am full of talent and empowerment from God.'           


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