Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Is Hell Forever?

Q:  Is hell forever? Is there everlasting fire, everlasting punishment?

A : The departed unbelieving souls are right now kept after their death in a place called Hades. Hades is like a prison in which a convict is kept until the judgment is rightly pronounced by the judge, after which he will be executed or given life term as a punishment for his crime. Hades is a temporary prison where the departed unbelieving souls are kept and it is described by Paul as the "lower parts fo the earth" (Eph 4:9). So the physical location is clearly described where it is situated. Here their souls will be in torment just as the rich man said in the parable which Jesus spoke (Luke 16:23), this will continue until the Final White Throne Judgment in Rev 20:11-3, after which they will be forever condemned in to everlasting fire, punishment and hell (Rev 20:14; Matt 25:46).

There is indeed a everlasting fire of hell which Jesus spoke as a real place, where worm does not die and the fire is not quenched (Mark 9:43-44). This real permanent hell is the everlasting fire which is called in Greek as 'Gehenna'. This is described by Jesus as the place where God is able to "destroy both soul and body" (Matt 10:28). After the unbelievers get resurrected in their natural bodies before the White Throne Judgment takes place, they will be judged for their evil works and will be dispatched forever in to eternal torment (Rev 20:11-13; John 5:26-30). This is the second death that all unbelievers will face in the days to come (Rev 20:14).  


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