Friday, May 16, 2014

The Struggle In A Christian Life

Where Can I Run Away?

By Abraham Israel

Many a times we who want to grow in our spiritual life get very discouraged when sin tries to get in to our lives to make us become miserable. Though we all do not plan to sin as born again Christians, we all do fall in to it now and then by the weakness of our sin nature that pulls us down every time we try to go up (Rom 7:17; Heb 5:2).

When I hate sin and still do the sin I hate, it is the sin nature that makes me to sin. We all inwardly delight in God and thank Him for all the victories that we see through His mighty power that works within us
(Rom 7:22). We also know how His power at work actually have made us overcome wretched sins of our past life (Rom 6:14; 2 Peter 1:5-9). But at certain points of struggles when we realize that now and then we are still struggling with the sins that certain times makes us do what we hate, like apostle Paul it makes us cry out, "O wretched man that I am! Who will deliver me from this body of death? 25 I thank God—through Jesus Christ our Lord! " (Rom 7:24). In other words Paul the apostle was saying, 'If I try not to sin and yet sin influences me through my fleshly body to commit the sin I hate, then who can get me delivered from this body of sin which will stay with me until I die and drop the sin nature with my physical body on earth and go on to be with the Lord?'

Many people after hating the sin they keep committing, they lose hope instead of standing in faith to look to God for the answer to live a overcoming life. Thank God Paul the apostle did not stop with that perplexing hopeless question that he asked, but gave the glorious answer that restores hope to us all who are still struggling with sin due to the sin nature that makes us sin unwillingly many times. Here is what the great apostle Paul said,
"I thank God—through Jesus Christ our Lord! So then, with the mind I myself serve the law of God, but with the flesh the law of sin." (Rom 7:25). In other words, Paul here shouts to us all with joy saying, Jesus Christ blood will give you victory over all your sin problem, whether you are fallen in to sin or overcome it by grace. When you are fallen, the blood will cleanse you when you agree to God that you have sinned (Heb 9:14). When you overcome the sin that is knocking at the door of your heart, at that time the knowledge that blood has covered you and have made you to stand victorious without giving in to the bait of satanic deception, will keep you humble and make you give all the glory to God alone for all the works of God done in and through you, to humbly agree before all that the victory you experience is that which God has done without your strength but just with your sincere spiritual intention to experience His victory (James 4:7, 10).

So Paul the apostle has solved this question that many times we ask in our spiritual life, how long will I struggle with sin in my spiritual life?, even though many a times those we commit are besetting sins that knocks our God given blessings of joy, peace and righteousness out of our lives. The answer that Paul gave was, with my new spiritual man that is made in the likeness of God in Christ in full righteousness
(Eph 4:24; 2 Cor 5:17, 21), I will serve God and His law. But then no matter how much I try to keep me sinless, the soulish fallen man within me in the likeness of Adam sins and keeps committing sin as much as it can, it makes me fall in to sin whenever it gets a change to deceive me in to doing it against my own inward spiritual desire (Gen 5:3). In other words, Paul is saying do not get worried about the times you fall by the weakness of your fleshly sin nature, every time you fall (Prov 24:16), the Lord will lift you up because you are righteous in Christ Jesus (Psa 37:24). And that when you can't bear it any more, the victory over that particular sin that torments you, Jesus will deliver you supernaturally from it forever or for a period of time till you get perfected in learning the spiritual lessons that God wants you to learn to experience deeper and higher spirituality of humility and giving all glory to God (1 Cor 10:13). When we fall the Lord teaches us to have compassion towards other sinners who are struggling against sin and therefore He teaches us not to judge others instead help them overcome their weaknesses just like we have (Gal 6:1-2; Matt 7:1-5).

Know one thing, keep pursuing God with a holy desire to overcome sin for the glory of God
(Heb 12:14). You will sooner or later see that victory coming from the Lord for that which you desire to overcome completely (Prov 21:31). Especially in our times we are living, there are temptations for Christians online that keeps knocking at the door of our heart. Lustful pronographic photos, videos and other articles of evil, are at the touch of our finger tip and the click of a button, so many of us Christians have fallen in to it and are struggling to overcome it. To us all, apostle Paul have given hope that we can become victorious against it all, if we keep trusting the grace of God to overcome it in spite of falling on the way a number of times. Sin can seem to entertain temporally for some moment of time, but it stings and kills our abundant life of Jesus within us at the end of the day. So keep fighting against sin and sooner as you grow in faith, you will see the victory of God over all these sins that beset you in your spiritual life.

Run Till You Win!

"O what a fear, shame and darkness,
That suddenly covered me from within,
How I did what I hated not to do,
The sin that suddenly beset me.

O doubts that began to assail me,
That thought which sulk from within,
Why should I still fall was the question,
The answer that never came to me.

O where can I flee to find rest,
That is when I realized from within,
Why should I when the rest I seek is in reach,
The cleft of rock which hides me.

O the victory that is so elusive,
That overcoming strength from within,
What a power of heaven to experience,
The answer in Jesus who delivers me.

O I will rejoice and keep fighting,
That faith till it becomes perfect within,
What a love to experience till that sin slain,
The blood washed righteousness that gladdens.

O I have learnt never to be bothered,
As long as I can run back to His Presence within,
When a confidence that the maker makes me like Him,
Through the Son of God that I might humbly bow before.

O I will run till I win the prize,
That overcoming decree that delivers me forever from within,
When at last I see that the power is none of me,
But that which I give all the glory to God and tell others before." — Abraham Israel


Much Blessings.....


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