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How Could God Judge When A Person Dies Before Hearing The Gospel?

How Could A Just God Save The Murderer, But Yet Allow Their Victims To Go To Be In Hell?

Question : Jaimashi Brother. I am not a regular attender in Church, although I was born in a Christian family. One of my friend who used to be a christian is no more a Christian, and now he says that he is searching for a true God. I believe that Jesus is the Son of God, but I can't convince him with logic because he has a question. He says that suppose a man killed someone and by the grace of God if later on the murderer accepts he is a sinner and accepts Christ as his Savior then he will get in to heaven. But what about the victim? He is already dead, if he has not died then he might also would have got the opportunity to learn the gospel and accept Christ as his Savior and would have gone to heaven.

Answer : Greetings to you in Jesus wonderful name dear Brother. Glad to know that you are a Christian and want to defend the faith that has been given to you by God. A Christian cannot be saved for a time and be unsaved afterwards, as their action did not save them from sin and death but Christ is the one who saved them eternally by what He has done for them (Heb 5:9; 9:12; 10:12, 14). Jesus has promised that those who come to Him saying that they are sinners in need of salvation will no way be ever cast out or taken away from the eternal package of salvation that they have already received, nor will any devil or even their own unworthy and unfaithful actions can revoke God's free gift, and they will never perish but may miss their eternal reward of glory and honor (John 10:27-30; Eph 2:8-9; 2 Tim 2:13; Rev 22:12). When a person is born again once for sure, as promised by God he is immediately sealed with the Holy Spirit which is put within him as a guarantee that he will rise up on the day of redemption which is the rapture of the Church (Eph 1:13-14; 2 Cor 1:21-22; 5:5). So your friend might not have been a true born again Christian or else he might have been a believer but would have got back slidden in to doubt and unbelief because of relating his faith to his unexpected situations of tragedy in life and wrong friendship (Heb 10:35-36, 39; 1 Cor 15:33-34). If he is true born again person, he will be convicted by the Holy Spirit to turn back or else will face loving chastisement from God to turn him back in to the right track (John 16:7-11; 1 Cor 11:30-32). We cannot convince another person either to accept the faith or turn back to it by our logic or intelligence because God through His Son Jesus is the one who starts the faith in a person and ends it (1 John 5:4-5, 18; Heb 12:2). But the best thing we can do is to first pray for them (1 John 5:16), then lovingly speak and demonstrate the supernatural life, signs and wonders to convict them like Elijah did for the Israelites if opportunity arises (James 5:16-20) and finally answer their questions and give reasons to them to make them understand why we continue to believe in the Christian faith (1 Peter 3:15, NASB). Some believers might even die without lack of repentance on their part to pursue and continue in the battle of faith for reward because of rejecting God's grace, mercy and love totally yet their soul will be saved (Heb 6:4-8; 1 Cor 3:13-15; 2 Cor 5:10).

I believe that your friend might have been a very religious namesake Christian or would have been a Christian by tradition, this is why he is now really searching for the true God who saves (Acts 4:12). Your friends logic of reasoning is one way many get stumbled in doubt and unbelief. One thing we must first understand, no matter when a human dies God will not judge him based on what was not revealed to him, or else God will be unjust judge who is unreasonable which is not right because of the revelation of God to all humans through nature, word of the Gospel and conscience within them (Rom 1:18-20; Acts 17:29-32; Rom 2:14-16, 1-6). The dark world of Satan and his demons want to paint a very harsh picture about God in the mind of people to make them think that He is very unreasonable and a hard master so that they will continue to be kept under the power of darkness and deny them their life line of Salvation by their own foolish reasoning (Matt 25:24-26; Rom 1:20-21; Psa 10:4; 14:1; Col 1:13). Every human who has attained the age to reason good and evil with a stable mind which is know as age of accountability which varies from child to child based on their upbringing, will have know an urging to seek God for forgiveness of sins, and those who deny and suppress it because they are doing wrong are actually making a decision again truth to stay in darkness the rest of their lives which will lead them to hell fire someday when they die unless they come to realize they are sinners in need of the Savior Jesus sent from heaven to save all sinners (Rom 2:28-32; John 8:24; Mark 2:17; Matt 18:11). So from what we have seen from the Bible, when a person dies being murdered by someone, he already has been given enough time according to God's sovereign knowledge to choose God, gospel and salvation, unless they are less than the age of accountability in which case they will be automatically saved by God due to their ignorance (2 Peter 3:9; Gen 3:5; Deut 1:39; Num 14:28-30). God is never taken by surprise of anybodies demise because He knows their end from the beginning (Isa 48:3-8; 46:9-10), He is more like a movie director who knows the story line and keeps watching the movie again with his friends from heaven, and who is not surprised by the changes and the sorrowful or great ending in it as he knew it beforehand. God is such a omniscient spiritual movie director except that He does not influence individuals decision but suggests them with good things in their lives to be saved from sin to have life and friendship with Himself (Psa 14:2-3). So whoever dies by murder we cannot assume wrongly and act as though we know more than God to tell that the victim might have got saved if he would had lived and have received the gospel of Christ later.

To the murderer who got saved later in the above scenario might have done those things in ignorance as Paul the apostle did and the thief on the Cross did, and God has the right to show His mercies to save him and take him to heaven (1 Tim 1:13; Luke 23:39-43). The thief on the Cross who got saved at the last moment must have been a criminal who might have murdered many people (Matt 27:38, 44; Luke 23:39-43), but he got saved before he died and went to heaven as a righteous man because he realized that he was a sinner and needed the perfect Savior in Jesus who died for him (Rom 3:23-26). Many of those victim whom he killed might have gone to hell. How could a just God forgive this murderer and let him in to heaven while his victim might be in hell fire? As I have explained above, all those individual victims who have died through him, had their own choice until their death to choose God before they died and reject their self life of sin and pleasure, but they did not voluntarily do that. If they have rejected God at that time of grace and mercy that He has showed to them while they lived freely, then God cannot be blamed as unjust for their fault to reject God and end up in hell fire (2 Peter 3:9). For every human who is born on this earth it is earlier the better to accept themselves as sinner and receive God's way of salvation because tomorrow might be too late. We never know when we will die and go on to be judged by God (Heb 9:27), so to go to heaven and be with God we must first realize that we are sinners and that we need the Perfect Savior Jesus who died for us to set us free from sin and as a result of it receive eternal life of God. No matter how serious our sins are, it will all be washed away by the blood of Jesus who paid for it through giving his own life to redeem us (Acts 20:28). I pray that your friend might be saved through your answer or reason of your faith in Jesus name. Continue praying for the salvation of your friend, sooner or later, one day he might get on to his knees and call upon the name of Jesus to be saved (Rom 10:9-13).

Much Blessings....


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