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The Bible Is A Word Of God Or The Word Of God?

Do We Deify The Bible If We Consider It As God Speaking To Us Directly?

Apostolic Quotes : "No matter how strong and reputed a man or woman of God is or will be they are still fallible humans with a sin nature that could trip them anytime if they do not keep themselves humble and hide themselves in God all the time. So in our lives we who follow the ministers of God through their teachings, preachings and inspirations should always evaluate it based on the word of God, and then should take in to our heart only that which conforms itself to the Word of God and thus receive only the pure blessings of heaven without any curse of spiritual blindness within it. If we are not careful in this regard, we will only stay as illumined or as blind in regard to God, to the level of the revelation of the man or woman of God whom we follow rather than the level of the mature man and woman of God that the Lord expects us to become in our lives. Even God Himself first has honored His Word even above His Great and Glorious name because He Himself abides by His Word, how much more we as His children need to abide by His Word through the illumination of His Spirit. Beware of those Christians whose faith is based on their own ideas and feelings that they think is right, because though they speak and try to boast up a image that they are so near to God and are blessed, they are far from the God who abides by HIS WORD in that particular area of their lives where scriptural blindness have taken root in their lives. To become a man or woman of the Word will keep us closer to the God of the Word." — Abraham Israel

Question : Don't deify the Bible My Brother...The Word of God is only one (Rev 19:13). When you said "Even God Himself first has honored His Word even above His Great and Glorious name ...," were you speaking of the Scriptures? I think you were referring to the Scriptures, "God does not share his glory..." Jesus is the word of God, IT IS AT THE FEET OF JESUS THAT EVERY knee will bow and confess to the glory of God the Father (Php 2:10-11). He has not put a book higher than himself. In America the constitution is higher then the president but God has not done this!! To deify the Bible is idolatry and blasphemy. To deify the Bible is to go back to Romans 1 and worship a created thing (The Bible) which leads to a reprobate mind. Well when I first began to hear this (impression) it was hard to hear because the other was a tradition within me (a stronghold) but one day I got to meet an author I liked and have coffee with him, I got to ask him some deeper things and then God said to me "What about me?"

And as I dug in I found that the Scriptures NEVER call the scriptures the word of God. The only possible confusing one is Matt 23 and Mark 7. But When I look at the Prophets and it says the Word of God in the Scriptures, it then made sense to me. It is the word from his mouth that will not return void.

Thus Scripture can be a word of God but not THE WORD OF GOD, for Jesus is and so say otherwise is foolish. Does the Bible has eyes? Is it alive?

Answer : Greetings in Jesus name! Dear Brother, I did not deify the Word of God and you have not understood that because I have clearly described it in the last para of my quote, "To become a man or woman of the Word will keep us closer to the God of the Word". So that is the aim of knowing the Word of God deeply. Mark 7:8, 13 and Matt 23:1-3, 23 is a proof that God considers His Word that He has given to all humans through Moses, Prophets and Jesus in whom all gets completed is not just a written Word but THE WORD OF GOD (Luke 16:31). In other words, it is like God directly speaking to us from heaven through the Holy Spirit when the written Word of God gets quickened by the Holy Spirit in our heart and lives (Heb 12:25-28). The Word of God in embodiment is Jesus the Logos in Greek, but the Word of God that is quickened and spoken to us through the Holy Spirit is still that Rhema in Greek which comes to us by reading or hearing the Word of God (John 1:1, 14; Rom 10:17). Unless Rhema is sent by a messenger of God, apostle Paul says how can people be able to hear the Logos (Rom 10:14-15). God has chosen to honor His written word of God as much as He is speaking directly to a human being with His own voice though His messengers (1 Cor 1:20-21; 2 Cor 5:20).

God can speak to us through many other methods and means like visions, dreams, situations, objects, animals [like in the case of Balaam's Donkey (2 Peter 2:16)], etc...but by choice God has chosen His Written Word to speak to us more than all. So we should never equate anything equal to the written word of God, but rather evaluate through the Word of God other method and means through which God speaks to know whether it is genuine or not, God appreciates us when we do this consistently in our lives as He has honored His Word above all other things and even His name (Acts 17:10-11; Rev 2:2; Matt 24:35; John 12:48; Psa 138:2). Now whatever words Jesus speaks to us from heaven, they are directed to our spirit through the Holy Spirit, if we hear and believe it, we will receive heaven's supernatural life of God in us to live supernaturally above the world as overcomers (John 6:63; 1 John 5:4-5).

If we legalistically follow the word of God without the Spirit of God quickening it, it will only kill and condemn our spiritual and soul life (2 Cor 3:5-6; John 10:10).

You have not seen the Scripture that says, "For You have magnified Your word above all Your name." (Psa 138:2). My writing is clearly based on that. The Word of God is living, active and powerful which means God speaks through His Word and apart from it you can never come to know this powerful God (Heb 4:12; 2 Tim 3:16-17). I did not refer to that Scripture which you have said (Isa 42:8). Also know that God gives His glory through His Son to all His children (Rom 8:30; John 17:22). You are referring to an Old Testament Scripture which was told to a different audience who never were saved in Jesus but just followed the law and hoped God to save them in the future (Psa 119:60; 17:15; Job 19:25). So to them the Glory of God was a mystery, to us who are saved in Jesus Christ it is a reality within us but still a mystery to others as it works through us (Col 1:27; 1 Peter 1:10-12).

The Word of God which is the Bible has been embodied in human form as Jesus, so please do not mix the two. Jesus Himself said that I have come to fulfill the law (Matt 5:17), which means that the Word of God was present much before time began and it was nothing but a blue print at that time in the heart of God. Actually the Word of God which has been there eternally was set in the heavens before the world began (Psa 119:89). That which has been written before in heaven has been revealed to us through Moses and Prophets. Jesus Himself was the content of that Word who was foretold by the Prophets that He will come and fulfill all that is written in the Word of God. Now having fulfilled all that has been written in the Scripture (John 19:28-30), now the Old Testament is becoming obsolete as we draw near to the reign of Jesus on earth for a thousand years (Heb 8:13; Rev 20:4-6). And Jesus' words now in this grace dispensation have superseded the Old faulty covenant (Eph 3:2), and therefore have become the final revelation of God which is the only mandatory thing that God requires for all of us to keep and obey by the power of the Spirit (Luke 24:27; Heb 1:1-4; 8:7; Matt 17:5-6; John 12:49).

Now Jesus words are completely recorded in the New Testament through the apostles (Eph 3:2-4, 5-7), so to seek Jesus, we need to turn to the Word that He has spoken which is called as the New Testament or Covenant of God made with man through which He relates to us (John 14:15, 23). In other words, if we read the Bible and obey it, we are actually obeying Jesus whom we do not see yet believe (John 5:24; Matt 7:24; John 17:20; 20:29). So we do not deify Scripture when we have reverence for it, but it shows our love and respect for the God whom we do not see but yet believe through the words of Moses, Prophets and the apostles (2 Peter 1:21). We do not worship the Bible, but the God whom the Bible reveals through what is written in it.

Thanks and Much Blessings.....


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