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Was Jonah Forced In To Submission By God Breaking His Law Of Freewill?

Does God Override The Human Will Sometimes?

Question : As we know that God is the greatest gentleman in the entire universe because he guides only when people provide space for Him to be that guide they want Him to be. He will never override anybody's free will unless they have completely submitted and committed to Him to take over in that particular area of their lives. But what about the prophet Jonah who was taken by God forcefully against his own will in to the belly of a whale to make Him do His will? Did God not override Jonah's will to break His own Law of non-interference in to a human will even when prophet Jonah did not want to do God's will in his life?

Answer : Greetings in Jesus wonderful name!!!! Jonah was a prophet who has already given His life and will to do God's purpose on earth. In other words, He has already committed Himself to do God's will but because of prejudice in His soul towards the Assyrian Gentiles, he did not want to go where God told him to go because he wanted to save His own people more than God wanted them to be saved from inside out from their sinful ways. Jonah believed that if God shows Assyrians mercy as he usually does with all sinners, he and his beloved nation will very soon one day be invaded and be ruled by them. God overrides our will when we commit our lives to fulfill His will. That is why I believe the greatest prayer on earth as God's child we can do is, "My will I commit in to your hands, help me do your will on earth as it is in heaven...." Jonah wanted to do God's will, but he didn't like that particular command God gave him to do at that certain point of time. In other words, God did not direct Jonah in the way he thought God will do, instead God told Jonah to do the exact opposite of what he wanted to do and Jonah reasoned it out in his soul and thought it was for God's people sake that he wanted to disobey God's command. Jonah thought that God had done wrong in this particular thing by taking a wrong decision not to protect God's people but instead exposed them to danger from their enemies which are God's enemies too. God wanted to teach His unwilling servant to learn more about His mercy and grace by showing it to those who are sinners and do not deserve it just like he himself who also do not deserve it but has been favored by God (Luke 23:34).

The great prophet Jonah was humbled by God until he actually learned the hard lesson to implicitly obey God in spite of not understanding His higher way with his natural mind through God's enrollment of him in the whale-belly School of theology. So the bottom line is, if we do not desire to do God's will in our lives permanently by hardening our heart and rejecting the constant knock of the Lord to open our self up and give in to His will for our lives, He will not bother us up until the time of His wrath and indignation (Rev 3:20; Prov 1:23-33; 29:1; Heb 6:5-6; 10:26, 29), but if we want to do God's will and temporarily do not want to do obey His command because of thinking it as something wrong or something to lose (Matt 26:37-44), God in His love will override our will like He did to Jonah and will teach us to do His will because we are His child and desire here on earth to serve Him (Jonah 2:2, 7, 9; Heb 12:6-7, 10-11; Luke 22:31, 33; Eph 2:10). As we serve God, He wants us to do everything His way, whenever we resist it, He will chastise us until we learn to do His way which is the only thing that will please Him and make us become as mature sons of God being led by His Spirit in His will for His Glory (Rom 8:14, 28-30). Praise the Lord!

Another great point to be noted about Jonah's life story is, it is a type shadow that was done to the nation of Israel to make them understand how the nation of Israel will be judged in God's will for their sins and hardening of heart against the Lord God Almighty who has made them His very own people by His favor and not by their works of the Law that Israel as a nation kept, which was the reason with pride they thought that they deserve God's blessing and took for granted the Lord's justice, mercy and faith which are the most important thing in relationship with God which God requires (Matt 23:23; Mic 6:8). So Jesus who wanted to save the nation of Israel which was the will of God until they hardened their heart to reject God by rejecting Jesus whom He sent (Matt 15:24; 21:28-32, 42-44; Heb 10:5-9), then Jesus Himself understood that the direction of the will of God to reach out to the gentiles of the world with His mercies has come even though the Roman empire which is going to hear the good news will completely destroy the nation of Israel to scatter them in to the whole wide world (Luke 21:20-24). Unlike Jonah Jesus did not stick soulishly in to His own will but gave willingly in to God's will to be done even though he did not like it to be that hard way (Matt 12:40; 26:39, 42, 44). Jesus by hearing the Father speak to Him moment after moment, understood His heart of mercy and his love for those who do His will implicitly even when they do not understand within their finite mind, have come to a mature mindset within him to know that those who are in the flesh are not really his brothers and sisters and mothers (Matt 12:46-50), but more than that those who do God's will like the Sheba the queen of the South who came from ends of the earth to hear God's wisdom from King Solomon, and the people of Nineveh who accepted Jonah's message of repentance to God and faith towards the Lord, repented and accepted God's salvation for their lives are actually His other gentile Brothers along with those who will believe Him through the word of His apostles to whom He had the responsibility to take care as a first born Son of the Father (Luke 11:27-28, 29-30, 32; Heb 1:5; 2:11; John 1:12-13; 17:20; Col 1:15). Thus the sign of Jonah was a type shadow God wanted to play as a rehearsal for the nation of Israel of what is going to happen when Jesus will come to the nation of Israel just like Jonah came to the nation of Israel as its prophet but then was sent by God to the gentiles to save them for eternity ahead when they actually hardened their heart towards God and taken for granted the favor which God showed to them because of His love for them. Jonah failed and God overruled Jonah's will because of his commitment done previously to Him, but Jesus succeeded in his mission because of perfectly accepting God's will even though He did not understand it as something to be desired for in the mind of his soul before going to the Cross at the end. Jonah was a type of which the fulfillment was Christ! Praise the Lord!

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Rev.Dennis N. U. Odizia said...

Believe me I take time to read through most of your teachings by so doing am highly refreshed and improve on the knowledge of God.
May God increase you more and more.

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