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A Deep Question About Talking In Tongues?

How Do I Know When I Utter In Tongue, It Is The Holy Spirit Giving Me Utterance And Not The Imaginative Play Of My Mind?

Question : Praise be to the Lord. Don't know where to start. I remember the time I came to your place first in Feb 2012 . That was the time when you shared with me the verses from 1 Corinthians 13 & 14 Chapters regarding speaking in tongues, and you explained them to me and also shared your Testimony of how you received the gift of tongues. I also shared with you that at that time I go to Vineyard Worker's Church where they speak in tongues as the spirit leads them under heavy anointing. However I never took talking in tongues seriously. I ignored the Word of God, was involved more into the worldly things. Was in the bondage of masturbation and pornography for a long time, which distanced me from God until recently, but I accidentally landed upon Emmanuel TV on YouTube. The various deliverance's that took place before my eyes reinforced the fear of the Lord in me, also revealing how Satan and his demons are inflicting youth like me through music, porn, masturbation, anger etc. I started praying sincerely and within 2-3 days I was completely delivered from all my addictions which were there for over a decade.

Specially wanted to write that earlier also I tried to let free from the same however I was never able to, its just the grace & love of God that has saved me.

Then I started praying more seriously and going through Scriptures until today, I came across the book of Acts 2 where on the Pentecost the disciples receive the gift of tongues. I felt this strong desire to go through your blog on the same since you introduced me to the topic. I studied it and sat for prayer....and shortly after that I was uttering things that I could not understand. It was repetition of small phrases. Praise be to God. Earlier also during prayer meetings in Vineyard Church I had similar urge to utter the words I do not understand. But I resisted because I did not understand. But today after going through your blog I discovered that in all the three types of Tongues the one who is speaking does not understand.

Whenever I am at vineyard church meeting when the heavy anointing of Holy spirit is there I feel some strange feeling near my nose and face. I enjoy it. Even now when I was uttering these prayer (tongues) I felt the same. I also would like you to confirm from the Bible whether I was really praying in tongues from that time on or was it just my mind making those uttering.

The same feeling of Holy Spirit manifesting that I feel in church reassures me that it was from God.

Request you to please help me with it.

Let all the Glory be to the Lord who loves us so much!! Waiting for your reply.

Answer : Greetings to you in Jesus wonderful and mighty name! Yes I know the excitement that is in the air for you dear Brother. I too rejoice in the Lord for you and with you for what the Lord has been doing in your life to make you a blessing to others around you. Yes you are right and I remember vividly what I have shared to you regarding Baptism in the Holy Spirit and the external evidence of it in speaking in tongues.Yes I also remember that you said that you were going to Vineyard Worker's Church which is a sort of pentecostal and charismatic Church. By the way technically, it is not the gift of speaking in tongues but rather the Baptism with the Holy Spirit or the gift of the Holy Spirit with the external evidence of speaking in tongues which conforms that you have been baptized in the Holy Spirit according to the New Testament standard of the apostolic 1st century times (Acts 10:44-47; 11:15-18). Actually the gift of speaking in tongues which mostly comes with the interpretation of tongues is not given to all believers but rather to specific believers who are chosen by the Holy Spirit within the Church for edification purpose (1 Cor 12:10-11, 30).

Thank you for openly sharing your testimony for the Glory of God. I praise God that the Lord Jesus has set you free from this evil bondage of masturbation and pornography which is rampant with the Church of our generation, and causes great loss in the lives of many believers if it is continually ignored as not a serious thing to be dealt with. Masturbation and pornography are twin sisters of the evil One who act to break the fire within the lives of believers and keep them in its control. As you have shared, it will douse our love for God and will ignite a love for more of the world and the flesh. Once our love for God grows cold, our love for the Word of God will also reduce and get cold to that level (Luke 24:25-27, 32, 35; John 14:15-18). I believe the thirst for the Baptism of the Spirit comes only when we start to consecrate ourselves to love the Lord, desire to have more of Him in our actual experience to find victory in our Christian life, and also desire to please God in everything we do in our lives. Welcome to the army of the Lord from now on because through the prayer language of the Spirit which is tongues, you are going to wage war with all evil demons and spirits in the heavenly places that will and might come against you, your family, saints of the Church and the Ministers of God at various times of your present life from now on to stunt your spiritual growth (Eph 6:10-12, 18). But thank God as we pray in the Spirit through tongues, all the evil plans of the devils get completely demolished and the peace of God will start to reign through our lives as we grow more and more in the Lord to think the right thoughts by choice through replacing bad and evil thoughts with scriptural ones and positive ones (Rom 8:26-27; 1 Cor 14:18; 2 Cor 10:3-6; Php 4:4, 6-7).

Yes when we see the reality of Satan and his demons being cast out by the power of God, and the demons crying out its mixed truth and lies before the men of God and under the power of God (Acts 19:13-20), it is a sure evidence of judgment on sin, the world and all demons, and so it will reinstate the fear of the Lord within us and I praise God that through it the Lord has turned your heart towards Himself (Matt 12:25-30; John 16:7-15). Music, porn, masturbation, anger, etc....which are all the works of the flesh have been used by Satan and his demons especially for the last 25 years intensely to stir up lust and inflict serious damage to the spiritual life of all believers in our generation (Gal 5:19-21). But all believers cannot continue in such sins indefinitely because the seed of God which is the Holy Spirit remains in them and also God uses chastisement to correct all His erring children to turn to His right way and live a blessed life under His constant care and blessings (1 John 3:9; Heb 12:5-11). Thank God that somehow God was able to get your attention and make you understand it now itself rather than latter. The earlier we repent to God of our besetting sins, the better it is for us to gain time that we have lost in our past life without gaining any eternal treasure for our future life (2 Peter 1:2-11; Matt 6:19-21). Praise the Lord that the things that were impossible with men has finally been made possible with God when you cried out to Him for deliverance from all sinful bondage's and have finally received it for the Glory of God (Luke 18:27; Matt 19:26). I praise God that the struggle for freedom from addictive sins that has been there for decades have been completely overcome when you prayed sincerely to Jesus to deliver you from all of that and that proves that you are a disciple of Jesus (John 8:31-32, 36).

Yes I fully understand the struggle you had in the past because of bondage's to the evil one that got you confined in a prison and have made you miserable enough to frustrate you spiritually so much, that though you had the desire to write to me earlier but were not able to write because of those past bondage's. God also many times allows you to get frustrated in the sins bondage you are in, so that you will never want to enjoy it later after He delivers you, but rather hate those sins with a Holy hatred to therefore live in God's righteousness (Rom 6:15-16, 22). Now that you have been set free from many bondage's, you came to realize that your strength cannot free yourself from sin's power but only the grace of God can actually make you free from it. Because you have realized the grace of God, from now on no matter how much Satan and his evil demons might try to tempt you again, those sins will not be able to have dominion over you since you are not under law to get condemned and to repeat those cycles of sin under the grip of the fear of those bondage's which usually leads us to self-condemnation and separation from the consciousness of Lord's Presence because of lack of faith (Heb 2:15). Actually as you are under the realization of the grace of God that reigns over sin every time it faces sin to see it eye to eye (Rom 6:14, 21-23; Titus 2:11-14), grace will make you reign over sin in your present and future life. Truly God has made you realize that only the grace and the love of God has saved you. Praise the Lord!

Now I thank God for the thirst for more of God that He had given to you after you were delivered from all bondage's of the past, I do believe after we are saved all of us who are believers should thirst for more of God's Spirit till the end of our earthly lives (John 7:37-39). Every true deliverance of God will make someone hungry for the Word of God which only makes us grow spiritually, all other spiritual experiences will vanish away and will not give us eternal benefits to hold on (Heb 5:12-14; 1 Peter 2:2-3; 2 Tim 3:16-17; 1 Cor 13:1-2, 8-12). If God sees a man who is hungry for more of His Spirit, then He leads him to his most precious gift of Jesus who reveals Himself through the Scriptures and makes him ask in His name to the Father to receive the most precious gift of the Spirit next only to salvation that anyone can receive from God in Christ Jesus (Matt 3:11; Luke 24:27, 32; 11:9-13; Rom 8:32; John 16:23; Gal 3:14). Yes Acts 2:1-4 is the basis of our faith for receiving the Baptism of the Holy Spirit or the gift of the Holy Spirit which started with the 120 thirsty disciples who waited upon God to be filled with the Spirit, and thus the Church of Jesus Christ was born on that day officially and it has continued for the past two thousand years in power (1 Cor 2:4; 4:20). I praise God that Jesus had promised to send the Holy Spirit to teach all believers and lead them in to the truth of Jesus personally, and thus provide a personal guidance and reminders of remembrance which He has been promised to provide for us all through the Divine teacher in us who is the Holy Spirit (John 14:26; 1 John 2:27). I thank the Holy Spirit for guiding you rightly to remember our conversation and lead you to our blog website for reading the revelatory truth about receiving the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and to understand it to use in your daily life for the Glory of God.

You did the right thing to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit along with the external evidence of speaking in tongues, I believe that this is the honest way every person can choose to do if they are really after this God's great spiritual blessing, which is next in magnitude only to the salvation of our souls which is the first greatest blessing that we received in Christ Jesus. I recommend to every true seeker of God to first read the Bible and then check in to our revelatory articles regarding Baptism of the Holy Spirit and the external evidence of it in tongues, then seek the Lord Jesus directly for this gift of the Spirit like you did because He is the one who has promised to pour out this gift to every true seeker of God (Matt 3:11), so that the true seekers can receive this gift of the Holy Spirit and supernaturally grow in their spiritual lives, and be used by God in a supernatural dimension to touch the world with whatever unique gifts that God has preplanned to give them (Acts 1:8; 1 Cor 14:4, 18).

Initially it might be a repetition of small phrases as the Bible itself confirms that by saying, "by stammering lips and another tongue, the Lord will speak to His people and this will be the spiritual rest which will cause the weary people to rest spiritually in joy and gladness." (Isa 28:11-12). A person who stammers will keep repeating the same word or phrase repeatedly until the next word comes out of their mouth, so that they will be able to make others understand them. In the same way, it might even just be a word or half a syllable that comes to our mouth from our spirit, but as we keep stammering that word by faith (Gal 3:14), God will help us speak in all types of unknown tongues as times passes by because once we receive this gift of the Spirit, He will be pleased with our faith. Sometimes it is a outburst of tongues that flow like a river at the time God baptizes people, yet at other times it is a trickle of words and the same syllable that keeps coming to our mouth. No matter whether it comes in trickle or like a river, yet we do not understand anything of the Spirit's prayer unless we get a interpretation for the same, but right through out our time of praying, thanking and worshiping the Lord in tongues, He understands every bit of it and will be happy to fulfill all of it without fail because it is actually the Spirit of God knowing the will of God for all situation, intercedes for an answer from the Father God in heaven (1 Cor 14:5, 10, 15-17). God always answers all prayers from heaven that which He initiates in His will (1 John 3:20-21; 5:14-15), and we know that all the prayer of the Spirit is actually from God though we might not understand what the content of the prayer is unless the Spirit of God reveals it with an interpretation of tongues or gives understanding in our mind about it (1 Cor 2:11-13; Rom 8:26-28).

The urge to speak in tongues usually comes once we start asking God for the gift of the Holy Spirit or we become more hungry for God. But our reasoning mind may become the biggest obstacle to express that urge we feel from our spirit man. The wrong doctrines that we might have learned against speaking in tongues in some of our denominations in our past life also sometimes becomes a obstacle to express by faith what we feel inside of us. All these things have to be unlearned to freely receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with the external evidence of speaking in tongues. To those who come honestly to God, he helps in a moment of time to overcome all these hindrances and receive the great gift of the Holy Spirit. This is what I believe has happened to you in the present home Church where you are in, and because you honestly sought God for this, God has freely given to you the gift of the Spirit to bless you spiritually and make you a blessing to many in the coming days. Praise the Lord!

We actually have to by pass the mind to get the words and prayers of the Spirit to our mouth. Even after the words of the Spirit through their spirit comes to their mouth also, sometimes some people confuse themselves because of lack of faith, the fear of unknown and lack of understanding of the word they speak supernaturally, all of which will make them to pull backward to restrain themselves from moving in to the supernatural experience of receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit which comes from God. Thank God that you were able to get the information about the three types of tongues from our web blog-site [i.e. There are three different types of Tongues mentioned in the Bible, they are a) Tongues of Men (Acts 2:6), b) Personal Tongues to God (1 Cor 14:2; Acts 10:46) and c) Tongues of Angels (1 Cor 13:1). You must have read it from this following link :], all of which the one who is speaking does not understand. That might have assured you to move further confidently in to the realm of the supernatural.

Once we move in faith, feelings will follow it. Each one will feel differently in their bodies according to the make up that God had made them to be when they come in to contact with the anointing of the Holy Spirit and experience the supernatural touch of God over them. As you described some will have a strange feeling near their nose and face, still others will feel as if someone pours oil on their heads, still others feel a tingling touch on their ear lobe, still others feel nothing at all, etc... But the common thing in all of them will be the joy of heaven, peace and righteousness which surrounds their soul when they come in to contact with the Kingdom Presence of God (Rom 14:17). Then there will be a bubbling love for God and His Word that the soul will crave for when someone receives the Baptism in the Holy Spirit or the anointing to minister to others (1 Peter 2:2-3). This is one of the main evidence of truth within a person, who when a doubt comes to make them doubt the work of God can use it to destroy the doubt and instead grow in confidence of faith when God gives them the Baptism in the Spirit with the external evidence of speaking in tongues.

Yes are right in your assurance that you are speaking in tongues, because the joy of the Lord and peace of God is edifying your mind instantly, and that is why the blessed feeling of you worshiping the Lord in the Church comes again (Psa 16:11). Only being in His lovely Presence will make your body feel relaxed to make you rejoice in the Lord (Php 4:4), and the Lord knows how to make you understand this fact in your mind and therefore is reassuring you by giving you His lovely Presence to calm your mind to trust in His will and way to make you reach to higher ground of the supernatural in your life.

I will give you five points to make you understand that God has given you the gift of the Spirit with the external evidence of speaking in other tongues.

1) First the Lord has saved you by His grace because of His Love for you, and you have the assurance that you are saved. This is the first point that you have fulfilled perfectly for asking to God for the blessing of the Spirit filling (Eph 5:17-18). I do not say that a person cannot receive salvation and the Baptism in the Spirit at the same time because we have seen in the first great move of the pentecostal revival spearheaded by apostle Peter and his co-workers to the Gentiles, they received both salvation and the gift of the Holy Spirit at the same time instantly by the sovereign move of God (Acts 10:44-48; 11:14-18). Like this God can many times fall upon a crowd of people who are hungry for God to save and fill them all at the same time. Yet the norm of the apostles was to first preach the gospel, baptize people in water and then lay hands on the saved people to impart the gift of the Holy Spirit by the prayer of faith (Acts 8:9-13, 14-25; 19:2-6).

You searched from the Scripture and have done your home work to confirm from the Scriptures of what you have heard from me is in the Scripture, and that the Lord has give you a conviction to seek for it (Acts 17:10-11). The Holy Spirit will always commend such noble desire with His authentic revelation of Himself to you.

3) Then God led you to search our blog-website to understand from the revelatory word to reveal to you that you cannot understand with your finite mind the greatness of the tongues that which you speak to God, and then have given you the assurance that it is perfectly OK to ask God for it, and then speak to Him intimately in the language that only He will understand to answer you Spirit filled prayer perfectly, which is also the evidence that He has already given you the gift of the Spirit personally.

4) After this God gave you the faith to ask Him for the gift of the Holy Spirit with the external evidence of speaking in tongues (Gal 3:14), and as you believed to ask God through Jesus, immediately God responded in Christ Jesus by immediately baptizing you with the Holy Spirit and the external evidence of the fire of tongues (Matt 3:11; Acts 2:3-4; James 3:5-6). Though the fire was just a syllable or a two, I believe as you kindle it more and more and not quench with unbelief (James 3:5; 1 Thess 5:19), slowly the tongues of fire will increase and flow like a river of life to let you be empowered by heaven to fulfill your destiny that God has prepared for your life (1 Cor 2:9-13). As the tongues of fire keep getting kindled by you praying in tongues continually like apostle Paul in your Personal Tongues to God (1 Cor 14:18, 2, 4; 1 Cor 14:2; Acts 10:46), slowly you may keep flowing in the other two different types of Tongues which are Tongues of Men (Acts 2:6) and Tongues of Angels (1 Cor 13:1) too which are mentioned in the Bible, so that God may reveal His power and glory to both men around the earth and the angels in the heavenlies too.

5) Now the only thing that is left is the doubt that comes to your mind of whether this tongues is the real one or not? Sometimes you might have questions like, 'Is this really God's gift or a demonic counterfeit or something that has been made up in my own imagination of my mind but thought to be a tongue phenomenon?' For this Jesus Himself answers your doubt by saying, "When you ask for the gift of the Holy Spirit sincerely by keeping on asking, seeking and knocking, you will receive it once and for all, then after that find it often from then on when ever you want which will cause all doors that has been shut in your past spiritual life to be opened continually to bring more and more Glory to God." (Luke 11:9-10, Paraphrased). After this Jesus answers all the doubts of your logical mind by asking you to answer the following questions, "11 If a son asks for bread from any father among you, will he give him a stone? Or if he asks for a fish, will he give him a serpent instead of a fish? 12 Or if he asks for an egg, will he offer him a scorpion?" (Luke 11:11-12). Your answer will be a BIG NO TO ALL OF THE ABOVE, none of our human answer would ever be yes to the above questions if we are honestly answering with a sane mind. Jesus then hits the final nail to the coffin of all our human doubts regarding the validity of the received or yet to receive authentic gift of the Holy Spirit from heaven by saying, "If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him!” (Luke 11:13). In other words, because you have honestly asked, sought and knocked the door of heaven and the throne of God constantly to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit with the external evidence of speaking in tongues, God the Father guarantees to make sure to you that neither your imagination nor the interference of demonic influence can ever deny you from receiving the true gift of God which He has given to you because you are God's own dear child (Luke 10:19-20). Even if you doubt, God's love cannot fail!!!! Praise the Lord!

Much Blessings....


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