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The Taxi Cab Ride — Dream Interpretation

Does God Still Guide Supernaturally Through Dreams To Find One's Future Husband?

Question : I am seeking clarification and confirmation from God about couple of dreams I had.

It's an honor to be given a dream from God, and I know with all my heart this dream is from God. It's a privilege to be able to tell my dreams to you. Thanks for taking the time to listen.

First dream: I was in the back seat of a taxi cab. The driver drove the taxi from the right side of the vehicle. A man got into the back seat with me but there was a wall between us. I looked over the wall and he looked up and smiled back at me. The taxi was moving and we continued to talk through the wall. The longer we talked the more this wall came down. I looked out of my window and realized he was so far up in the sky and it startled me. End of dream.

Before my Second dream happened I had met a man that I had no previous interactions with. I was introduced to him by my best friend, we talked on the phone for a couple weeks but after the first week on the phone I had a dream about him.

Second dream: I was standing outside of his house looking into his window he was sitting reading his Bible. The Bible was big and had big lettering. There was a knock at the door he got up and answered it and it was me. End of dream.

I went to visit him and looked over and seen the same bible that was in my dream. This man told me he read it every night. I was shocked from head to toe when I saw his Bible.

Right now there has been some obstacles between him and I. But I feel this connection with him and I can't shake it. He says the same thing. I haven't spoken to him for about 3 weeks because I really need and want confirmation from God.

My last dream is this: I came out of this man's house and he was standing outside. I looked over a privacy fence and his truck was started. He watched me get into my car and drive away. When I left, I went down the wrong road that was muddy and over grown with weeds. I looked back in my rear view window and he was standing there watching me. Finally I seen the main road and turned right to get on it.

Could this be the man that God sent to be my husband one day?

Thank you for any help!

Answer : As much as I understand from what you have shared, I see this man might be the person God has in His mind for you. Yes God does share His heart to His children to keep them on the right track and also make them understand His will and walk pleasing to Him (Acts 2:17; Job 33:14-18; Heb 11:6). Let me try to clarify with the help of God what your dreams mean. What is the highlight of your first dream by which you can title it? "The Taxi Cab Ride!," Ok. What does it mean? You are traveling in your life from a point to another. There is someone driving the taxi from the right side of the vehicle, it means that the Lord is at your right hand and you shall not be moved as long as He drives your life (Psa 16:8; Acts 2:25). A man came in to the back seat with you and a wall was in between you. Wall in the Scripture does mean two things mainly, spiritually it is a prayer that is before God that He wants you to pray or that which is a prayer that you have prayed for the fulfillment of His will in your life (Isa 49:16; Matt 6:10), and also it does mean that the protection of God has always been around you (Zec 2:5; Job 1:10). Whatever way here it mean, it clearly shows that when the God intended person comes in to your life, the walls of protection and the fulfillment of your prayer happens, and then you see that man's communication with you brings God's protection around you both (1 Cor 11:3, 6-11). When you look out he was so far up in the sky because it was God who was actually covering you through him with protection that was intended by Him, and it startles you seeing that it is from God, as you have been asking God for His will to be done in your life.

The second dream is about that person whom you have met, he is a godly person and the Lord speaks to him about you. The Big Lettering of the Bible is something that shows that this person has sought God through His Word sincerely to find the will of God in his personal life, and have asked God confirmation to speak to him personally about the person whom he will marry. God has clearly brought you to his house to confirm it as He has already showed him a sign about it.

To you God has clearly confirmed the dream by what you have seen through your physical eyes. Yes the obstacles are something that can be overcome through intimate and personal communication over a period of time within the marriage and not outside of it which never honors God (1 Cor 7:1-6). Trust God and your personal conviction that God has given you, and go ahead in faith in to a godly marriage, and see God work within your life and family in the future.

Your last dream is something of a warning that God has given you. God has told you in advance of what will happen if you continue to drive your life by your own will after you have come to realize God's will for your life. What can we title the last dream as, "I Drove and Lost My Way," which shows that you lost your way because you drove your way. When you come out of his house, he also came out and was standing outside is something that shows how concerned he is towards you. The privacy fence is something that he wants you to stay in and when you looked over it, he started his truck and wanted you to go in it or be dropped to your destination through it. You not being sure whether this will work or not, got in to your car and drove away. There might be a season that might come and test you both to see whether you really wanted to go God's way in this, but at this time if you go your way, you might drive yourself in to the wrong road that is muddy and over grown with weeds. The fact that in your rear view mirror, you can see this man watching you all the way shows that he will stay faithful even through your mistakes and your low times, even when you feel like you have lost your way. The main road is again the way God has already shown to you, and again you taking the right turn shows that you will stick on to God's plan and will fulfill your destiny for your life and future family that God has in His mind for you, if you stay on to God's plan and stick to it until your end of life.

If you ask me the bottom line of all this, 'Could this be the man that God sent to be my husband one day?'. I think yes it is, but just do not take my word as the final one to decide the course of your future life. I am giving you a Biblical interpretation of the dream and spiritual guidance that God has given you to the best of God's ability in me, but it all depends on your unshakeable conviction that it is God who is leading you in to His destiny for your life, and your unmovable faith in God and His guidance, to stick on to your quality decision to stay on course of what has been revealed no matter what comes your way will finally keep you in the center of God's will for your life through which you will please God immensely. By the way I would say to you personally to keep yourself away from any intimacy until you get married in God's time because anything before that is not the right way to approach marriage in a godly Biblical way (1 Cor 7:9, 36-37). Wait for God's perfect time and then marry, you will enjoy every moment of your future life together the rest of your lifetime on earth. Until that time both of you be devoted to the Lord and stay faithful to Him. My best wishes to you.

I have personally stuck myself to God's dream and visions through which I have been blessed enough to be able to minister to you now supernaturally. May God also be pleased enough to bless you to be a blessing to many in the coming days.

Much Blessings....


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