Tuesday, June 16, 2015

What Will Happen TO U.S. Dollar And Will Chinese Currency Be The Currency Of The World?

If The Dollar Crashes, Can A New Currency Save America?

Question : They say the U.S. Dollar is going to crash. It could be as early as Oct 20, 2015 or 5 years down the road. Info here is that the currency will become the Chinese Yuan. Have you heard of anything like that or info as to what the currency will be? President O hates this country & has all he can do to destroy it from within, plus he openly sabotages Israel. I believe swift judgement will come upon the USA. Do you have any words of wisdom for me? When the dollar crashes, everything will be lost unless we are prepared with the new currency. All banks, stock market, stores, homes & jobs will be lost & we will be living without a home or food. The wealthy already have off shore accounts & those who do not have will be left with looters, chaos & violence. We live too close to San Francisco & I have urged my husband to sell our home, take the equity out & move to a rural area & buy a home with no mortgage but he will not. I am quite sure of this & have been for quite sometime. Salaries have gone down to almost the rate of a third world country. Very few are giving their tithes anymore. I am not doing for a Profit, but God has given me open visions & uses me quite often as one. I was just wondering if you knew which currency they are changing to? We are living paycheck to paycheck & there are very few jobs left in the USA. I am concerned for my family & other believers. Obama is bent on destroying this country & he may be able to do that before a new President is sworn in Jan 2016. God bless you my friend.

Answer :
Greetings to you in Jesus name! Thank you for sharing your precious thoughts and about the current crisis that USA is going to face. What you have said is absolutely true and I believe it too as we are in the very end of end time. Regarding currency, yes dollar will go down and hit the bottom, and it will be indeed a judgment from the Lord that will come to make His people turn to Him, and storm signals can be seen all around already. I believe that Euro will stabilize according to the Bible and will have a greater power than all other world currencies (Rev 18:9-24; 13:1-4; 17:11-14; Dan 9:26-27), but Yuan of China and Rupee of India will begin to influence and rule the world economy as the Bible clearly speaks about the Kings from the east standing independently even to the end of all things (Rev 16:12).

I do believe that a new currency can only sustain whatever will be left when Dollar crashes, but that too will take time to gain strength. Never worry about evil doers, the Lord knows how to protect His children from the evil one (2 Peter 2:9; Zep 3:5, NLT). Moving to a rural area will not be good if God has marked you to live in that urban area by faith until the end, cause we do not choose the place we live, it is God who chooses where we live and when we live (Acts 17:26). If you believe that God has called you to that place, He will provide and protect you until your very end (Php 4:19).

As for the president it is the people of America who are responsible for their choices, whether electing the present president Obama for a second time was right or wrong only time will tell fully based on what will be done in the left over period of his tenure in another six months.  The old adage says, 'All is well that ends well,' and so all that we can do for the president is to pray that he might end his tenure well at least after all the damage that has been done (1 Tim 2:1-4)

Regarding the believers in USA and your family, do not worry about tomorrow as Jesus said, live by faith in God to provide for you day to day, and protect you all in these dangerous times (Matt 6:26). The Father God will continue to provide for you all and protect you under His Sovereign care as you carry on by faith extending the Kingdom of God. Never worry and hold on to God in faith about tomorrow because the one who holds tomorrow in His Hand will make sure to take care of you and all His children as they face that new day's trouble, and will help them all to handle it victoriously (Matt 6:33-34; Prov 21:31).

Carry on by faith and you will be victorious to the end (1 John 5:4-5)!!!

Much Blessings.....


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