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Why Did God Punish Humans When Satan Is The Cause Of Sin?

Why God Should Destroy His Own Creation When He Is A Good God?

Question : Because of our sin nature it is very difficult keep our body as a Temple of God? We did not fall into sin by our self, we were cheated by Satan and so he was the guilty one and not we. Do you see any differently than this? It is not a righteous justice I think from God, because God had known everything about the fall of Lucifer and his rebellious angels even when He created them and knew that they will all one day take side with him against Him and also against us humans who are made in the image of God. Why I say it because God is omniscient to know the end from the beginning itself and that is why we call Him omniscient. To me it looks like a game which was planned by God. I think punishment in the lake of fire should belong to Satan and his evil angels, and not for us humans. Why human should be punished? Why he created humans? Why destroy his own creation which is in this world? Why did he let Satan to live since he became Satan, if God had finished Satan at that movement itself when he sinned, there would have been no sufferings in this world. I have doubt about all these things. May be I am wrong but I have to ask this because this matter is always questioning me to think logically and decide where the fault line is.

Answer : It is true that we have a sin nature that lures us to sin because it works in direct opposition to the new nature that will help us stay in God's holiness (Gal 5:17). The antidote to sin nature is walking in the Spirit. Walking in the Spirit is supplying spiritual food of God through meditating in the Word of God, prayer, praise, thankful heart, singing songs to the Lord, desiring and loving to walk in God's will and righteousness by faith, hating lawlessness, the spirit that will empower the new nature within us to make it deny the lust of the flesh when it tries to overcome it (Gal 5:16). Walking in the old nature of sin by feeding the self will only empower the pull of sin to make the work of the flesh evident (Gal 5:19-21), but because we are Christ's, we have crucified the flesh with its passion and desires when Jesus was crucified on behalf of us (Gal 5:24). So even though sin might make us fall whenever we try to walk the Christian life by our own strength, but it cannot have dominion over us to make us indefinitely do its own will because the Spirit quietly comes back to help us after we have confessed our mistake to God as we belong to Christ (Gal 5:18; Rom 6:14; Jam 4:6-7). So the bottom line is, though it is impossible to maintain our body in holiness as the Temple of God in our own strength, it can be easily done when we are in partnership with God and know that the One who is in us is greater then the one who is in the world (1 John 4:4; Luke 18:27).

You are right and it is true that we were cheated by Satan and he was one of the main guilty one, that is why God cursed Satan more than anyone who is under the curse of sin (Gen 3:14-15; Job 1:7). But God graciously allowed the woman Eve who was deceived by Satan only to experience the curse of sorrow and conception, pain while giving birth and husband ruling over her and nothing more than that (Gen 3:16). And also God did not directly curse Adam like he did for Satan for his deception, instead again God graciously only cursed the ground which yielded herb for eating much less than what it can and then that curse made Adam to toil and shed his sweat of the face to produce only enough bread for daily existence because of the weeds of thorns and thistles which made life very difficult for him and his descendants until physical death (Gen 3:17-19). So God rightly have given out his judgment and there is no partiality with him (Rom 2:11; Acts 10:34; Psa 9:8). Satan as the deceiver was judged first by God and then He pronounced His righteous judgment upon Even and then Adam. Clearly the Bible says that Adam our forefather sinned and sin entered the world of humans, so once sin have entered in to world of humanity bringing death to all, all have sinned by sin nature taking root in humans, and therefore humans by their ability to take conscious decisions have become responsible for further sin even though in their sinful state they have become powerless against it (Rom 5:12, 6).

Even though Satan cheated humans through his deceit, yet the fall of Adam was a conscious decision to disobey God's clear command (Gen 2:15-17). Because it was a conscious decision and a direct rebellion to God's commandment, the punishment for sin came upon all the sons and daughters of Adam (Rom 5:12). Sin gets conceived in the heart of men, and so to allow it to rule over us, we become responsible for the sin we do (James 1:12-16). Satan for having deceived humans have been judged by God on the Cross already and is waiting for the execution of it where He will send Satan once and for all time in to the lake of fire for eternity ahead after the Millennium rule of Jesus Christ (Gen 3:13-15; Col 2:15; Rev 12:12; 20:10). So we as humans are individually responsible for our sins and God will judge each humans for their sins and mistakes one day, but those who have believed Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior will not be judged for their sins because Jesus was judged by God on their behalf, and so they will be judged for their good works to get reward (Heb 9:26-28). Those who do not have Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior will be judged for their sins, and will spend their time in the lake of fire which was actually prepared initially for Satan and his rebellious angels who did not submit to God but wanted to fulfill their own will without Him (Matt 25:41, 46). To God any person have a personal choice to either say to Him, 'Thy will be done and go on to be with Him in heaven for eternity' or say 'My will be done and go on to spend time without God and His Presence in hell fire which was actually prepared for the devil and his cohorts who wanted to do their own will apart from God's will.'

Just because God is omniscient and know the end from the beginning doesn't mean that he has influenced anybody to take any decision to sin (Isa 46:10; Jam 1:13). He is like a Divine Movie director who knows the end of the story because it is He who has written it, but in this real life story, the actors by their own will they take decisions to participate both in the good or bad part of it by their personal choice. God knew about Satan's fall much before it happened (Isa 54:16), but as a God who in His Sovereign will had written the story line before hand (1 Peter 1:20; Rev 13:8; 4:11; Eph 1:4-6), He knew that in spite of the personal cost of giving up His own Son Jesus to die for humans who will come to be tempted and fall in to sin because of Satan and his demonic minions (Rom 8:32), He chose to reveal His Glory through us humans through the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ who is the real hero of the whole story along with us who have become the sons of God to redeem the earth and give a happy ending to it all (1 Cor 2:7; Col 1:27; Rom 8:14, 19; Php 3:21). A game is an activity that one engages in for amusement or entertainment, but life is not a game because God already had a purpose for creating the earth and everything in it, and that purpose was to find Himself who hides Himself though He is closer to all humans than the air they breathe because they exist in Him (Isa 45:18-19, 15; Acts 17:26-28). The purpose of finding God is no entertainment like a game because the outcome of it will decide where a human will live the rest of their eternity, either in hell fire where there will be no trace of God because of God withdrawing His Presence or in heaven where God will fully reveal Himself to all those who dwell there for eternity (Matt 25:41, 46; 2 Thess 1:8-9; Mark 9:47-48; Rev 20:11-15; John 14:21; Isa 65:1).

Actually the lake of fire according to God has been made beforehand for Satan and his demonic cohorts who have sinned and rebelled against God, but those who want to join Satan and do not want God by living for themselves will end up there in that hell fire by their own choice. We cannot ask God why He created humans cause we did not create Him but He created us and has sovereign rights over us (Rom 9:19-23), we should accept that in His will He has created us to find and know Him intimately (Rom 9:16; John 17:3). Rather than God destroying His own creation, actually our sins make Him do something that He doesn't like to do; because justice has to be fulfilled through a just God who rules over all His creation without partiality (Isa 45:7; Ezek 18:23, 26-27; Deut 32:4; Psa 7:11; 11:5). As you wrongly assume, if God lets his creation to do evil as it wants without ever judging to destroy the wicked, the world will become a living hell uninhabitable because of the wickedness of humans and that is what happened at the time of Noah before God judged the whole world righteously by destroying it by the worldwide flood (Gen 6:11, 12-13).

God allowed Satan to live since He became Satan and did not destroy him because God wanted to test humans through this evil being who challenged God to let the humans on their own if He is really a righteous God and see how they turn again Him and will curse Him to His face, but Job the righteous man proved that Satan's challenge to God was because of his own jealousy over God's righteousness and His deep intimate relationship with humans (Job 1:6-12, 20; 2:1-10; 42:10-17). Without an evil villain, God's creative story line would not have been so interesting as you see nearly in all the movies. So suffering in this world is God's megaphone through which God makes people notice that He is present to solve their problem and be their friend. Ultimately God wants to bring His goodness to the whole of humanity and bless them in every way very soon, and that is why Jesus Christ came in to this world first to save people from their sins and then bless people apart from sin for their righteousness of faith for eternity ahead (Gal 3:13-14; Matt 1:21; Heb 9:28). Praise the Lord!

No matter what doubt you have, turn to the Bible with faith to read it and ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten His Word, it has all the answers for this life, and in the life to come giving meaning and purpose for our human existence. Doubt your doubt, but never the Word of God. Satan wants to create doubt and make you ineffective in your Christian life and living. The fault line is always with us humans who with the glass of sin see God and then call it as logical thinking to decide wrongly that God is not good or at least not fully. Such thoughts completely destroy the faith of God and cause worries that causes more doubts and confusion in our life and through us in others. So I pray that you may read the Word of God daily to grow in faith and glorify God with your life because He is always good though you may not always feel that way (Rom 10:17; Psa 145:9; 73:1; 135:3).

Much Blessings....


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