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Will God Again Remold And Make The Mess In To Something New And Satisfy?

My Heart Is Heavy, I Want God Talk To Me?

Question : Hello brother!! It's been almost two years, I wrote to you.

The dreams haven't come to pass and I'm so confused now. Not sure what to do. Five years have gone by since I had the dream I shared with you earlier. One Ronaldo has come with the dream, he also had backed off because his family is against it. They are ready to kill him, but they won't let us marry. Recently I told him, we can break up since nothing is working out and daily we have no peace at all.

My heart is heavy as I write this. I'm not able to forget him now. I feel my life is fully messed up. From adolescent I always wanted to just think of only one man whom I will be marrying and no one else. Now I feel my life is in bits and pieces. And in this stage, my elder sister lost her husband. The pain is heavy in my heart. I want God to talk to me but am not sure if I'm hearing him or not. My sins are hiding him I think.

Please pray and advice me!! I need emotional and spiritual help. Brother.. Please pray and reply me.

Answer :
Greetings to you in Jesus wonderful name! So glad to write to you again. God cannot lie, if you have tried to fulfill God given dream you would have failed constantly in your pursuit or else the dream itself would have been not from God but rather would have been from your self (Titus 1:2; Num 23:19; Acts 7:23-25; Ezek 13:3; Eccl 5:3, NIV; Eccl 5:7, NIV). Satan's attack on us has been to deceive us into thinking that God will "endorse" our own dreams, passions, and desires if we hold onto them dearly and have enough "faith". If it is God's dream, He doesn't need our help to fulfill it. It will comes to pass in the right time and we will also feel joyful in waiting for it to happen no matter how long it will takes for God's set time to come (1 Peter 1:8). Self-indulgent desire many times mislead us in to having hope that is "on shifting sand" and is really no hope at all--but makes us move in to a deceptive zone of delusion, rebellion, and disobedience towards God (Prov 13:12). Then we sin by our own desire and lose ourselves in our own self life rather than in God to please Him through our sacrificial life of dying to self and living to God (Luke 9:23). So in your case the latter described earlier has happened.

But thank God that all the penalty for your sins of past, present and future sins have all been paid by Jesus and that is why He assured you before dying on the Cross saying, "Paid in full!," so that you can be free from all condemnation of the evil one that denies you to go to God freely (John 19:30; Rom 8:1). Just take this way, whatever happened has happened. Nothing could be done for those days. The Bible clearly says that all intimacy should be within marriage only, and outside of it love that is physical, emotional and spiritual should never be stirred up (1 Cor 7:2, 9; Sos 2:7). So confess to the Lord your faults and believe that He is faithful to forgive you and above all cleanse you from all unrighteousness that has happened in your life. Tell it to the Lord clearly of how much heavy your heart is, that problem that you had in forgetting things of your past relationship and then from being a little girl how you have always dreamt about just one person and no one else, Jesus understands every little thing that you have been going through (1 Peter 5:6-7). As you draw near to Him, He will draw near to you (James 4:7-8). When you are sharing your heavy heart with God, that is when you have truly chosen to draw near to God. It does not mean that God does not know the information you share until you tell Him as He is omniscient and knows all things from beginning to end even before something begin to happen, but it does mean that the moment you start to share with Him heart to heart, you are legally seeking God's help to intervene and solve all the problems of your lives situation by drawing near to Him in faith and He has promised to draw near to you to solve it all and cement His relationship with you further because of your faith. All the broken bits and pieces of your life, He will take it and remold it to make it something new right in the center of the will of God for your life (Rom 12:1-2).

After this process is done, know that God has thrown all your failings, weaknesses and wasted time to a infinite distance from His sight to no more remember it forever so that you can have fellowship with Him freely and intimately, to do His will willingly further in your life by letting Him take charge of your life and future (Psa 103:12; 40:8). When God Himself has chosen to forget all the wrongs of your past life, you should choose to forget it so that you can be free from all the condemnation of the evil one. Throw all those past in to spiritual garbage bag and bin in Jesus name and choose to remember only the goodness of the Lord through it all. 

I understand how much your Sister losing her husband must have caused a great pain to their family and also to you personally. But I know that God will not allow you all to be tempted beyond your ability to bear it, but with all these problems no matter what reason it has come towards you, the Lord will give His mighty grace to handle it victoriously and use it all for your good when you love Him and continue to follow the call of God in your life (1 Cor 10:13; 2 Cor 12:9-10; Rom 8:28).

God is never surprised by your failures because He knows your great end from the beginning and knows that you will come through it all by positively believing His good plans (Acts 15:18; Isa 46:10; Jer 29:11). At this juncture He loves you as much as He loved you before you ever did anything wrong consciously in your entire life (Jer 31:3; Rom 9:11-13).

Don't try to make things going for yourself, regarding your marriage, keep it all to the Lord and let the Lord lead you to the right person through His Sovereign hand. The Lord is the one who brought Eve to Adam in the Garden of Eden, like that the Lord will lead you to the right person whom He has already chosen for you (Gen 2:22). God is the God of all peace and so in His will He will make both the parents of the bride and the groom from both sides agree together to make things possible regarding your marriage so that it will happen for His Glory (Rom 16:20). If in the present case, all chaos has come I think because you have taken things in your own hand before time, leave it all together to the Lord and also discuss things with your parents and spiritual counselors whom you can trust with, whom God can use to be a blessing to you in this regard, and also who can with the right spiritual judgment can find the right person for you (1 Cor 7:38). As you commit your life to the Lord completely, I pray that the Lord might show Himself strong on your behalf and help you continue to trust Him so that you will be a testimony of His goodness in the coming days to many many more who will come to trust Him. God loves you and will be with you no matter what to help you become complete and satisfied in your soul within Him as you are already complete in Him in the spiritual realm (Col 2:10). Victory is yours for the taking and making if you choose to positively believe God and obey the voice of His Word that comes to you through His Spirit and that which is also heard loudly in your spirit I believe. Only believe and all things are possible I believe! 

Much Blessings......


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