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According To The Bible, Did Dinosaurs Exist?

When Did Dinosaurs Become Extinct If They Have Been Present Since Creation?

Question : According to the Bible, did Dinosaurs exist? When did they become extinct if they have been present since Creation?

Answer : Greetings in Jesus mighty name! Humans have always seen and considered big and large things that are more powerful and dangerous as something mysterious and in awe. We know that animation technology of our times have fired up the imaginations of little children and big people alike to know more about 'Dinosaurs' ever since Steven Spielberg released his movie 'Jurassic Park.' An aura of mystery which surrounds the dinosaurs are good as long as it leads to the truth of the Bible and its history to make us believe in the beauty of God's creation and His sovereign control over His creation.

Let us try to get to the Bible to answer questions such as, Dinosaurs!, Where did they come from? Did they evolve? Did they really lived millions of years ago? What happened to them? Are there any living today? Has any human being ever seen a live dinosaur?

We know that God in the beginning created the heavens and the earth (Gen 1:1), in six 24 hour days of evening and morning the Lord made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them, and rested the seventh day (Exo 20:11; Gen 1:5). Once God created all the animals which are beast of the field and birds of the air, He brought them to Adam to see what he would call them, and whatever Adam called them that was its name (Gen 2:19). So Adam must have seen these huge live dinosaurs face to face to name them. Both humans and animals were vegetarians till the flood of Noah's times and all of them ate vegetables, fruits, nuts and leaves (Gen 1:29-30; 6:19-20, 21). Many animals became wild and violent to eat the flesh of other animals to become carnivorous creatures only after it lost the knowledge of God after the flood due to the increasing curse of sin and death on earth (Gen 9:3-5). Even when all the beasts of the earth, birds of the air that flies and fishes of the sea became wild mostly, yet God put within it the dread and fear of man so that man might be able to rule over it, and this must have included the dragons and dinosaurs that were left after the flood (Gen 9:2).

The word ‘dinosaur’ was not invented until 1841, by Sir Richard Owen and it was not even in dictionary until 1891 ended. Therefore, for most of human history these creatures were known as dragons. We know that, ‘dragons’ are mentioned in the Bible 34 times and particularly in the Old Testament usage the English translators used the words Leviathan, great monster, serpent and jackals which are both clever and cunning instead of the word dragon many times, and in the New Testament times the very word 'Dragon' is used by apostle John symbolically for the spiritual serpent who is Satan (Isa 27:1; Ezek 29:3; Rev 12:3; 13:2; 20:2), and the Bible also uses the words 'Behemoth' and 'Leviathan' to describe huge animals without exact identity know which are described to have been in shape and size of Dinosaur (Job 40:15; 41:1)! Some scholars have tried to identify the behemoth as either an elephant or a hippopotamus, but the joke is that the Bible says that Behemoth's tail moves like a cedar but he eats grass (Job 40:15-19) and burning lights go out of the Leviathan mouth and sparks of fire shoot out, etc...and His breath kindles coal (Job 41:19-21). Both elephant and hippo have both small tail and neither of them breathe fire out of their mouth so that their breath can kindle coal, so they are neither Behemoth nor Leviathan.

From the Creation about 6,000 years ago, up until the Flood about 4,400 years ago: the world was very different in many ways. During that time the Bible says that people lived to be over 900 years old and some of them neared to 1000 years like Methuselah who in Genesis 5:27 is said to have lived to an astounding 969 years old. It is interesting that many ancient cultures have a legend that they call ‘The Golden Age’ and they have written and talked about a time frame when people used to live to be nearly 1,000 years old. Well, that’s because it was really true. They really did live to be almost 1,000 years old. Yes indeed it was true that such a Golden age according to the Bible continued until the world got destroyed by God with water due to great increase in evil thoughts that filled all humans continually to the point of godlessness and violence which made earth to become a living hell because of sin and death (2 Peter 2:5; 1 Peter 3:20; Gen 6:11-12, 5-6, 7).

During that golden age the world was very different, the canopy of a water that was overhead high above in the atmosphere to give all creatures on earth an air-conditioned climate which was present is no more in existence after the flood until today (Gen 1:6-8). Also, because of erosion and uneven waste deposit due to flood, the soil was now not loaded with minerals like it is supposed to be, that is to let plants grow five times faster than it is now because of the brightness of the sun and good soil condition with dew (Isa 30:26; Amos 9:13; Gen 2:6). The atmospheric pressure and the water content in the air was different and conducive for crazy green revolution, but because the canopy had collapsed and was gone during the flood, this conducive atmosphere of longevity for all creatures on earth including humans was all gone (Gen 7:11-12, 21-22). Therefore, sunlight was now getting through and harmful ultra-violet radiation etc that caused many more problems in the post-Flood environment has been increasingly becoming more and more. Remember before the Flood they lived to be 900. After the Flood they only lived to be 400, then 200, and then 100. Now 100 is very very old, but 70 years is full life-time for all humans in today's world and 80 comes out of extreme strength due to disciplined living (Psa 90:10).

After the flood the age of all humans and animals decreased and decreased until God stopped it all in the least point and set it for it to wait for the restoration of this world and for the world to come (Rom 8:19, 20-21, 22). We know that many animals and birds which were part of the after flood existence and increase are not here today due to excessive increase of sin and death. I believe that Dragons, Behemoths on land and Leviathans which must have been an amphibians which lived both on water and land must have survived the flood. Many skeptics would argue that Dinosaurs would have been too big to fit on the ark, but we know that Noah being wise and old as 600 years would have been smart enough to have taken two baby dinosaurs of each kind to eat less and sleep more so that it will fit the ark and grow big enough again to reach its full potential after the flood. By the way, the biggest dinosaur egg was smaller than a football and so we know how small the small ones would have been.

The Dragons, Behemoths and Leviathans the great sea monsters must have gone extinct due to excessive hunting due to population increase, thus displacing them from their natural habitats around the earth. Many dinosaurs must have continued to struggle for its existence because of such reason and also due to the climate changes which made the earth dry and without much vegetation for its existence as it usually eats a lot for its size. People killed them, but they didn’t call them dinosaurs rather they called them dragons and it can be seen in the drawings of cave men, literature archives of ancient civilizations, drawings on the walls, gates, arches, potteries and small utensils. They killed them for meat, because they were a menace, to be a hero, to prove their superiority, competition for land and medicinal purposes. Many ancient recipes included dragon blood, dragon bones and dragon saliva.

Are there any living today? As we know that the population that has lived in the last 100 years is more than all the population of the whole earth added together from the beginning of human existence. So because of human conflict with wild and displacement of Dinosaurs natural habitat in the deep forest and huge ponds and seas, most probably for sure they are not at all in existence today or else some satellite camera would have recorded it with today's technology at least once when it was sighted, that is why kids and big people get amused to hear, see them in animation films and know about the existence of dinosaurs and dragons.

Did they evolve? Did they really lived millions of years ago? The dinosaurs and dragons did not evolve but rather was created by God in the beginning and it continued to live till the last one died to be no more in existence. Evolution is a fools theory of creation who denies God and His existence (Psa 14:1). God questions all humans and says that there was no millions of years ago as long as the people who say it were not alive themselves at that time to give a sure testimony, they were not even alive when God put the foundations of the earth a little over 6000 years ago (Job 38:4-5, 2-3). Within the six 24 hour days God made all the creatures on earth and everything in it for its existence and
Dinosaurs and Dragons were all part of this Genesis creation (Exo 20:11). So there was no way Dinosaurs or Dragons could have lived millions of years ago which is a complete lie that the world of Satan and his demons propagate to bring unbelief in to the hearts of men and destroy their faith.

Much Blessings.....


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