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What Is God's Purpose For Jesus' Millennial Rule On Earth?

Why Jesus Should Reign On Earth For A Thousand Years?

Question : Are there any specific reasons why Jesus should reign on earth for a thousand years? In other words, God could have taken us all to the new heaven and earth directly without the thousand years reign of Jesus in this sin cursed earth, is there any purpose of God for this time of thousand years reign of Jesus in this earth?

Answer :
Greetings! Yes there is a purpose for which God wants Jesus to reign on earth for a thousand years in the coming days very soon after His second coming to the earth (Rev 20:4).

For in six days God created the earth and heavens and all that lives in it. But on the seventh day He rested (Gen 1:31; 2:-3). Here we see that God has set a pattern of the timeline for the earth to continue in His will. Apostle Peter quoted from the Psalmist Moses and reminded to us the New Testament believers, "But, beloved, do not forget this one thing, that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day." (2 Peter 3:8; Psa 90:4). In other words, even before the creation of this present earth and heaven God planned it to continue for six thousand years under the sons of Adam the fallen beings, if we take each day and substitute it with thousand years. On the seventh day God rested from his work not because He was tired but for a foreshadow of the Millennial Rule (Psa 121:4; Col 2:16-17), which indicates since the creation of all humans God rested only one day on the first Sunday after which the fall has happened in which humans have fallen in to sin and God has been working all the six thousand years since the fall to restore, redeem and recreate humans to become like Him in his own image that has been lost because of sin (John 5:17; Matt 6:25-26; 2 Cor 4:4; Jam 3:8-10). So in the thousand year reign of Jesus, God will take rest to fellowship with all humans. And having already given His full authority and power to Jesus and to all the sons of God (Matt 28:18; Luke 10:19; Eph 1:20-21; 2:6-7; 1 Cor 6:2-3), Jesus will use all power of God in words and deeds along with the recreated sons of God to restore the earth physically with all the blessings of God for which the whole creation eagerly waits (John 6:63; Matt 8:8; Mark 11:22-23; Col 3:17), all good restoration of this present earth will happen supernaturally so that man may live and rest on the Seventh Thousand years by the power of God to know three main things as revealed below to enter in to a eternal relationship with God forever (Rev 19:14, 7-8; 20:4; 8:19, 21; Php 3:20-21).

Purpose of Jesus' Millennial Rule On Earth Is :

(i) For man to realize that he does sin not because of imperfect conditions present on earth around him (Gen 4:11-15, 23-24; Prov 6:30). The condition of the earth will become restored to pre-Edenic condition before sin entered the earth. The whole earth will have air-conditioned climate for a thousand years because of Jesus and the sons of God working out and restoring the canopy of water around the earth which was actually destroyed at the time of the flood when those water poured on the earth and got emptied completely for harmful rays to come and limit the life span of man, plants, animals and sea creatures (Gen 1:6-8; 7:10-12). Animals, birds and sea creatures that lost the knowledge of God and became wild will regain it to live peacefully among itself and with humans for those thousand years (Isa 65:25; 11:6-9). God will start the millennium as theocracy and be very close to all humans to demonstrate that He is not far off, but rather very near to all humans and that he is closer to them all than the air they breathe (Isa 65:24; Acts 17:26-31).

(ii) For man to realize that he does sin not because of other evil people present around and blame others as the cause of his sin (Gen 3:12). During the Millennium reign of Jesus only good born again believers will enter the thousand years reign of Jesus and all other wicked goats and evil doers will be executed and sent to prison of Hades directly to wait for the White Throne judgment at the end of the thousand years (Matt 25:31-46). Though only believers will enter the Millennium, soon sinners who rebel against God will soon be found on earth through the offspring's of the believers who will grown up in perfect condition on the earth and yet become as rebel by their sin nature within them which has the ability to sin even in perfect condition and as a result will receive curse of God for its rebellion and sin (Isa 65:20).

(iii) For man to realize that he cannot blame Satan and his demons as the cause of his sin as they all will be bound for a thousand years during the Millennial reign of Jesus (Rev 20:1-3; Gen 3:13).

God will prove beyond doubt during the Millennium rule of Jesus that humans sin not because of the sinful and cursed conditions around him, neither because of others around them they get compelled to sin, nor because of the devil and demons who actually tempt them that they all sin, but the very heart of humans have become evil without God and that it is has nothing good to exhibit without God and will sin if God is not present within him to help him overcome his evil nature of self (James 1:13-15; Jer 17:9; Eccl 9:3; Prov 17:20; Rom 8:7).

When man in the perfect conditions of the Millennial rule of Jesus, made available to him and blessed by God is not enough for Him to qualify Himself for a eternal friendship with God and live in His eternal Kingdom (John 3:3), then all humans can come to the conclusion that the need for all humans to be born again and accept themselves as sinners who need the Savior Jesus to save them is not an option but a necessary thing to become a friend with God forever and continue to live with Him (John 3:16; 9:41; 8:24; John 11:25-26; James 2:23). It will be proved beyond all doubt and then God will destroy this present earth and heavens (2 Peter 3:10-13). Then He will take all those born-again children of His to fill and colonize the whole new heaven and the earth and then He will bring down His eternal city New Jerusalem from the present place and will place it on the new earth for all to see Him and worship Him and to serve Him for eternity ahead (John 1:12; Rev 21:1-8, 9-27).

We know from the Bible that even though God has given such a perfect condition for humans to live without sin, yet sinners on earth who live by their flesh and self will increase day by day because of lack of thankfulness for God (Isa 65:20; Rom 1:21, 28-32), then by the end of the thousand years rule of Jesus when Satan and his many demons will be released from his prison, immediately he will go out to deceive all the nations of the world and will finally make it all do its bidding to surround the camp of the saints and the beloved city Jerusalem, after which God will send his fire from heaven and devour all of them completely (Rev 20:7-10). This shows that unless the realization that we all have sin within us which makes us sin against God comes within us first, and then this makes us realize the need for Jesus' blood to save us eternally and cleanse us now from our sins as long as we live on this present earth which is a precursor and preparation for eternal life with God (Rom 7:14-16, 17-20, 24-25; 1 John 1:9, 7; John 17:3), without it no humans can live in the perfect condition that God's friendship provides for them eternally in the new earth and new heaven without sin which God hates and cannot tolerate even for a moment (Hab 1:13).

So in our times we are very close to the finish line of six thousand years and we do not know when Jesus will come to rule and reign in this critical time we live in. But Jesus told all of God children to 'Watch and Pray' and pursue holiness so that we may be able to be in faith that pleases God when He comes to take us away in Rapture to the place where He has prepared for every one of us in God's residing place of New Jerusalem, where we will live forever in our glorious meta-physical body just like Jesus and will rule with him forever on earth for a thousand years and then will rule for eternity in the new heaven and new earth (Luke 21:36; John 14:1-2, 3-4; 1 John 3:2-3; Heb 12:14; Luke 24:34-35, 36-38, 39-43; 2 Tim 2:12; Rev 21:24-26).

Much Blessings....


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