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Are The Seals Of Revelation Being Opened By Jesus Now Or Later?

When Will The Seals Of Revelation Chapter 6 Will Start?

Question : When will the seals of Revelation Chapter 6 will start to happen in the end time?

Answer : Revelation Chapter 6 opens like this,
"I watched as the Lamb (Jesus) opened the first of the seven seals. Then I heard one of the four living creatures say in a voice like thunder, "Come!" I looked, and there before me was a white horse! Its rider held a bow, and he was given a crown, and he rode out as a conqueror bent on conquest." (Revelation 6:1-2).

We see the ambition of Antichrist here in the above verse, where he takes power over the world by deceit to get a crown through peaceful means first held a bow without an arrow and then starts his ambition to conqueror bent on conquest of the whole wide world.

The seals that follow this rider are:

1. Peace is taken from the earth
(Rev 6:3-4),
2. Famine
(Rev 6:5-6),
3. Plagues and death
(Rev 6:7-8),
4. Persecution and Martyrdom of God’s people
(Rev 6:9-11),
5. A great earthquake and cosmic disturbances
(Rev 6:12-16),
6. The wrath of God : In the wrath of God
(Rev 6:14-16; 8:16), we should understand that God's trumpet's through His prophets is added as a prelude to the final bowl wrath from heaven (Rev 11:1-6, 7-10, 11-19; 16:1).

When is this crown given to the Antichrist by God? O
nly Jesus opens the seals or give authority to start the action in earth (Rev 6:1), for the last three and half years within the 7 year covenant with Israel or usually called as the second half of the Daniel's 70th week (Rev 13:5, 7-8). So we see that after the rider appears on the scene or in other words when God gives Antichrist the power to rule, the world essentially free-falls into the chaos that defines the Last Hour. The rider is an imitation Christ, an impostor (Rev 13:11) - an Antichrist. The bow (without any arrows) that the rider carries is a false peace with an intention and ambition behind the back in his heart is to rule the whole world. The events that follow his emergence onto the world scene as Dictator are not in keeping with an age of peace, but rather an age of apocalyptic chaos. Antichrist will even enter the Glorious Land of Israel and will overthrow many countries around middle east which will be the center of the world power of the end (Dan 11:40-41, 42-43). But news from the east and the north will trouble this man because Russia being bordering on atheism and living for materialism with orthodox Christianity will join the kings of the east as the eastern religion of China and India are polytheistic and spirit worship for ages past, so they will not be able to accept his politico-religious theology and terror to impose one god worship from Jerusalem where all the monotheistic religion of Catholicism, Zionism and Islam would get united under him (Dan 11:44-45; Rev 16:12). He shall show himself powerful by planting the tents of his palace between the seas and the glorious holy mountain in an act of restraining the powerful kings of the east from taking over the Middle east where he reigns (Rev 16:12). But because he will not be able to prevail against the kings of the east, again he will cause deceitfully all the kings of the earth to unite under him to invade the nation of Israel whose God will terrorize him and the whole world with the wrath of God directly from heaven for the sins of the whole world (Rev 16:1-11, 13-16).

So the bottom line is, once the Church gets Raptured before the Great Tribulation within the second three and half years of Daniel's seventieth week, the apocalyptic chaos and the resulting war to conquer the earth by Antichrist will happen, and then the final coming of all nations together under Antichrist to wage war against the God of heaven who operates from the nation of Israel, who has been sending his wrath all over the world for its inhabitants to repent of their sins and evil doing to turn to Him and be saved will cause Armageddon to happen finally
(Isa 45:22). The last war of the end between God and humans who are under Satan will happen, this is Armageddon. Christ and his armies from heaven will defeat Antichrist and all the armies of the earth to finally establish God's rule on earth through Jesus Christ and the saints of the Most High God.

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